Freezing Bell Peppers

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I really like Bell Peppers… hubs is a bit on the fence about them.  Sometimes he likes them, sometimes he doesn’t.  He likes the colored ones much better than the green though.  However if you ever notice going to the store, the green are cheaper!  Go figure.

We found a grocery story in Tulsa that we really like and they generally have extremely good prices on bell peppers so we tend to buy them when we are there.  Not that we eat them all that much or anything…

So a couple months ago when we did one of our runs and bought bell pepper we bought way more than we’d eat at that time… shucks.  I didn’t want them to go bad so I did a little research and here we go… another great save!

1.  Wash up your peppers.  Tori laughs at me because I washed mine with soap, but really you never know who touched them with what on their hands.

2.  Anyway moving on…  The only time I ever have whole bell pepper would be for stuffed peppers… ask me how many times I’ve had those in the last umpteen years!  I usually either slice or dice my peppers.  Perfect.  Slice into your bell pepper so you have 2 halves.

3.  Clean out the seeds.  After we dug the seeds out we ran water over them just to be sure we got all of them out.  Remember heat lives in seeds….

4.  Now slice your pepper into strips.

5.  Lay the strips in single layers on a cookie sheet.

6.  Now these go in the freezer for about 30 minutes or so.  Just enough to get them frozen so when you put them all in a bag, they won’t freeze and stick together.

7.  Once they have had a bit to freeze, pull them out of the freezer, off the cookie sheet and into a ziplock baggie they go.  The prefreeze again is so that when you put them in the ziplock baggie they don’t freeze together because of the natural liquid in them.

8.  Close the ziplock baggie and pop them back in the freezer.  I usually write what is in each baggie so that I’m not digging through the freezer going… what’s this?!?!

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