Why Do You Take Photos

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Have you ever asked yourself why you take photos?

Do you take them to be annoying?

Sorry Hunny, I love you!

Do you take them to be obnoxious?

Circa Easter 2012 when my dad was giving me fits about taking photos of food.  Yes I emailed him this picture 🙂

 Do you take them to try to tell someone about something you like?

I still like them….

Do you take them to try and tell a story?

Do you take them to try and remember a time/place/or event?

Hawaii Sept 4, 2011

Do you take them to try and be artsy?

Do you have them to remember family?

Grandma J {still alive}, Grandma S, me, Grandpa S, Grandpa J – July 2007

Truthfully, we all take pictures for lots of different reasons.  And we don’t always take a photo for the same reason.  But the next time you take a picture, ask yourself before you snap that camera, why am I taking this picture?  It just might help you get a little bit better photo to capture that special event :).

Happy Friday!


0 thoughts on “Why Do You Take Photos

  1. To remember people and places and share with family members who can't be there.
    Love your post. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm constantly taking pics. For me it is just documenting memories and yes I even take pics of food! Who doesn't want to remember what they ate? My hubby would disagree. He totally thinks I take them to be annoying LOL!!!!
    Oh and I still love your boots too 🙂

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