Get Your Morning off to a Good Start

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Our first night in grandma’s RV was quite, um… interesting.  Between the night before when I had an adventure getting to the bathroom and then in my sleep I kicked my leg, hit the wall, kicked back and hit hubby and then turned over and grumbled at him.  Needless to say he slept in a different bed the remainder of the night… lol.

That morning hubby’s alarm was set to go off at 6am.  Just shy of the alarm going off though, I swore I smelled bacon.  I opened my eyes to see hubby across the RV sleeping and then his alarm went off.  The night before Earl and I were discussing how if you thought about a smell, you might just actually smell it.  After that, I believed :).

Hubby went up to AL & JT’s camper before I did, to start the bacon and eggs.  Our plans were to have Bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Sadly though, when we got up there, the raccoons had gotten into the bread box.  The funny part of it (even though it was more aggravating than anything) was they got into Moo & AL’s specialty bread and one package of hamburger buns and left all the rest of the bread alone.  Moo can’t have gluten and AL can’t have Gluten, Rice or Eggs, so their bread was the most expensive.  We joked the Raccoon’s have expensive taste.

Hubby’s rear hasn’t shown up in a while, I just had to share… lol.  I was teasing him because both of his pocket flaps were up.

Oh goodness, this bacon was awesome.  We prefer the Hormel Black label thick cut maple bacon.  Pokey dropped a piece on the ground and ate it anyway even though we told him there was plenty more.  He was like it’s too good to waste.

I was half asleep and somehow got my flip flop on wrong.  Oh well, it happens.

As hubby was finishing up the bacon, JT started the eggs to scrambling.

As I mentioned, AL can’t have eggs due to allergies so we made special pancakes for her.  We took care of her even though she hates when people plan meals around her.  It’s all good, AL, just remember, we love you!

We decided with the eggs and bacon, we needed OJ.  It was delish!

We had a big day ahead of us, stay tuned to find out what we were up to!!!

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