Sunday Night Dinner Grillin Style

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This week’s Sunday Night Dinner theme was Grillin’ Night.  Bring a side dish.  I looked at hubby and said I’d get on TB’s good side and Pokey too.  Hubby said he’d make smoked beans.  After mulling over that for a while with Earl hubby said he’d make smoked cabbage instead if we’d prefer.  We both said yup!

Hubby decided to make both.  On the way over to Earl’s house the disposable pans started collapsing and hubby had beans all over his lap.  He wound up having to go back home and change.

Zman walked into the kitchen saying he had a loose front tooth.  Earl said she could get it out for him.  We tried to get before pictures but he wasn’t totally cooperating.  I promise we weren’t hurting him.

Earl bribed him by giving him a $5 bill to hold.  Said if he’d allow her to pull the tooth, he could keep the money.  So they were talking about TB and his head and then I heard the tooth hit.  Zman looked at Earl and said do you have it out yet?  She’s like yup, it’s out.

And then he was all for getting his picture taken.  Awe, he and Moo match now.

Meanwhile outside Mr. T was grilling up the burgers for dinner.

While Mr. T was busy grilling, Uncle B was busy entertaining the kiddo’s with Pokey’s Mule Baby Doll.

Mac was busy entertaining the kiddo’s here who were waiting for their turn with Baby Doll and Uncle B.

Then Monkey had to give up her seat to Miss Tude and she wasn’t real happy about that, especially since her daddy was walking them around.

So Monkey convinced her Uncle Pokey to lead her around by herself after everyone else was off.

TB walked into the kitchen and saw the TB Dip as it is affectionately called round these parts (Mozzarella Cheese Dip).  He looked at me and asked if it was TB dip.  I grinned and he planted it infront of the dip.

Zebra girl jumped in to help finish off the Mac & Cheese while Earl was helping Zman.

Once Mr. T got the burgers done, it was time to get all the food set out and ready.

Cheese for the plain burgers.

Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, & Avocado for burger toppings as well as Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup.

Smoked Cabbage.

Smoked Beans.

While we were eating dinner, Yogi Bear the movie was on.  I’ve never seen this and soooo need to actually sit down and watch it from front to end.  I so loved the cartoon.

For dessert we had the choice of Cake (which I got no pictures of), cookies, or Earl’s homemade fudge sauce on top of ice cream.  I only ate the fudge and ice cream because wow was it good.  Definitely what I needed.

After dinner Hubby and Pokey went out to start a fire.  (side note, we actually hit and broke a record low Sunday night that was set back in the 1940’s)

The we all migrated outside.  I came out a bit after everyone else and came in to the middle of Scooter getting in trouble with Faye & Louise because he was poking fun at them running a 5K.  So now it’s on… they’re running a 5K together just to prove to Scooter and now Mr. T that it’ll be done.

Baby Doll was out in the pasture looking at all of us wishing that the kiddos would come ride her again.

The puppies pooped out.  Usually when one naps, they all nap.

But then Pokey got their attention by announcing dinner time to them.  The cat even joined in to help them clean up their food.

And that concludes another episode of Sunday Night Dinner.

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  1. Oh yummo, what I'd give for a BBQ'd burger right now! So good!! Your Sunday Night Dinners always look like so much fun!!

  2. Ya'lls Sunday Night dinners always look so fun!
    BTW, every time I see a post about them, it reminds me of Gilmore Girls. Ha! Except theirs are Friday night… and not as much fun as ya'lls. 😉

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