Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

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I just grabbed a handful of the 687 photos I took for Christmas.  Now you’ll have to understand, these photos range from putting up the tree, decorating the house, putting together Christmas presents, wrapping, cooking, opening, etc… so yes those photos add up very quickly :).

Because my parent’s rock, we got a new Christmas tree this year.


Did I tell you the dogs must not have liked the lights on the house?  They only stayed up about 2 weeks 🙁


Greeting Wreath


Ho Ho Ho 🙂


The dogs slept through most of the wrapping…


How I ever got the scissors to stand like that I’ll never know…


Addressing name tags


Still a child at heart and up at the crack of dawn.


See, even the coffee pot says so.  That is am.  Don’t look at the water stains on the glass please!  And the green tint is from hubs’ John Deere Neon Clock


The table was all set, the tree was lit… And Santa had visited.


Come Christmas Eve, when we celebrated with Tbug and my family, the helpers went off to cooking.  We did a Mexican themed Christmas so hubs was making rice, Tbug was making cheese dip, and the 2 of them were making my grandma’s Corn Casserole.  They wouldn’t allow me in the kitchen to cook, so I took pictures 🙂  We may have a Chef in the making in our midst…

0 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

  1. Your photos are very artsy. I took no pictures. I have that lovely new camera and just can't make myself use it. Are you back to work? Rick is and he's sad. Is it cold in your world?

  2. I can never get a decent tree picture! Yours turned out beautifully! I slept pretty good this Christmas Eve…but then I was also drugged with cold meds. hehe.

  3. Love the pictures! And how fun to have a theme to Christmas. Love that you took pictures of wrapping and the little details

  4. What a wonderful Christmas…and gorgeous pix!

    Thanks for the question…I wish I had a good answer for you! Organizing my photos is on my to-do list, since the system I have now makes it hard to find archived photos. I download my photos using PSE6 (ancient, I know ;D), set to open a new folder for the day of download. I go through what I took, deleting what I don't want…and always keeping the original stacked together with edited photos (as I learn more about editing, I sometimes want to go back and redo favourite photos). Then, eventually, I pull all the daily folders into a folder for the whole month, and finally the monthly folders into a folder for the whole year. Not ideal, and after a few years, now, it's getting increasingly hard to find what I'm looking for! If you find a good solution, I'd love to hear about it 😀

    Have a happy new year!

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