Sunday Night Dinner – Labor Day Style

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So while I was creating this blog post I realized I never blogged about Memorial Day. Wow, where has this summer gone? I know it sounds so cliché, but it’s true… where in the heck did the summer go?!?! I think it was Kelly (maybe) who said why can’t winter go as fast as summer… or maybe it was someone else… I can’t remember, whoever you are, please jog my memory!

Anyway Labor Day was so extreme that one blog post couldn’t possibly cover everything that happened… seriously! So now let me share with you Sunday Night Dinner – Labor Day Style!

Recently Deb went to the Gulf Shore with Michelle, Shaye and Drake and they brought back fish and shrimp. So can you guess what the theme was for Sunday Night Dinner? If you guessed Steak, you’re right… I mean you’re wrong. The theme was Shrimp and fish… with some chicken thrown in for those of us who don’t care for the other. I’ll have you know I tried both. The shrimp wasn’t bad but sadly I still didn’t care for the fish. I’m not really a fish eater…

So the old adage, don’t share every picture you took… I’m just going to tell you on one camera I took 125 photos. On the other I don’t know because I haven’t even put them off onto my computer yet… so sharing 23 is definitely not 125+…

Mom, feed me, I’m hungry!

Doug manned the boil.

This jalapeño cornbread was amazing!



Poor Sysco. Hubby got her all fired up.

I so wanted Ice Cream Cake for my birthday. Michelle brought for Labor Day, I guess that works!

Pete needed a cool down!

Clean up aisle 3

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