Playoffs 2017 – Kansas City Chiefs versus Pittsburgh Steelers

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This happens to be hubby and my second playoffs game to attend. This year though, it was a home game!! We were division champions which gave us a bye-week and then a home-field advantage game. I wish I was into baseball more than I am… but if you remember back in 2015 when the Royals were on their way to winning the world series, Kansas City was painted blue… well with the Chiefs in the playoffs, Kansas City painted the town RED!! Because remember, this is Chiefs Kingdom!

Initially, our game was supposed to be a noon thirty (12:30) game, but we got a notification a couple of days before (if that) that it had been moved to a 7:35 pm game. The gates opened for tailgating like 5 or 6 hours ahead of the game where normally it’s a couple. It was CRAZY!

But with all the health issues we had around Christmas time, we decided not to tailgate. Instead, we stopped at Jose Peppers on the way up and ate lunch, then went on to the game.

Because it was a home playoffs game, which I think hubby said has only happened like one other time in our lifetime, parking and getting in was a madhouse. Nancy took this outside of Dan’s Suburban as they were waiting to get in. We had a lineup but by the time we got there, it was moving fairly quickly.

Dan and Carlene decided we didn’t want to have to sit in vehicles for a couple of hours so they grabbed one of our tailgating tents and some heaters and stopped for Subway sandwiches also. Boy, don’t we look like a lively bunch? It was cold and damp.

By the time the game started, the rain had moved out of the area for the most part but by the end of the game, the fog had rolled in. We weren’t in our normal seats. Instead, we were up under shelter so if it had rained, not such a big deal. The wind was still chilly but not bad. The thing though is we were higher than our normal seats and if the game would have gone on much longer, I’m not sure we’d have seen the field through the fog. It was NUTS!

The game. The previous week we had a bye week since we were division champs. We went and watched the games to see who we’d be playing in our home game, turns out it was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Because we were up under the roofing area, we were able to watch the Green Bay/Dallas game. So we were torn on who we wanted to win that game. First off we wanted Dallas to win because so far every team that had home-field advantage had won and we didn’t want them to jinx our game. we’re nice like that. On the other hand, we wanted Green Bay to win, us to win, these two teams to go on to the Superbowl and duke it out at Superbowl 51, 50 years after Superbowl 1. In the end, Green Bay won that game, and boy was it a nail biter all the way to the end!

Our second playoffs game together. Not quite the same weather as last year though…..

This is just after the opening of the game and you can already see the fog starting to roll in. And our normal seats are way over to the right of this picture. This side of the stadium.

Our Red Coater family!

I would like to say we had a win, but we all know that didn’t happen. It was quite the game to the end. I walked away thinking, how could the Steelers win with just field goals (3 points), but hubby pointed out that it was a good thing… that meant we kept them from ever getting a touchdown. We had touchdowns. We played our last play for a 2 point conversion to tie up the score and should have had it. There was a bad call on the refs part and they weren’t going to undo their ruling. I don’t say that as a mad fan, there is talk shows that admitted that and a higher up ref that ran out on the field for that call. Anyway, our Chiefs lost to the Steelers (hey they stole it. ha!) 18 to 16. Not to bad really when you think about it. Next Year Chiefs! We’ll get them next year!

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