Red Robin… YUM! {Springfield, MO}

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Yesterday my mom, daughter, and I went to Springfield in search of clothes. Sounds like fun right? Well sometimes you need clothes when going on a job interview.

We got to Springfield around 11:30, which is lunch time! So we discussed where we were going for lunch. Since we were headed to Battlefield Mall and it’s at Glenstone and Battlefield, we decided to eat at Red Robin (3720 S. Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO). I’m so glad we did too!

When did they decide adults don’t need coloring pages like kids do? I sometimes have more fun coloring than anyone.

This is a kids Cheeseburger with french fries. It must have been good because my little bug ate almost every bite.

I went with the Southern Charm Burger, Medium Well. It is a black Angus patty glazed in Brown Sugar topped with Candied Bacon, honey BBQ Sauce, sharp Cheddar, caramelized Onions, and mayo on a toasted Ciabatta Bun with a side of Garlic/Parmesan fries. Um… hello YUM! And sadly I got bbq sauce on my shirt too. Woops. Good thing I had an undershirt on that I could go around in all day.

My mom has been working on losing weight and kicking butt at it. It was handy that they had a lower fat/no carb version. She got a Turkey burger with tomatoes wrapped in a lettuce wrap with a side of steamed broccoli. She was pleasantly surprised and very happy with her choice.

Make sure if you like a good burger to check out Red Robin, YUM… They should change that to their official name.. haha!




*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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