Our 1st 4th of July Celebration

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Our first 4th of July celebration was at Dive club meeting on July 3rd. When we got to Grandeb’s and Grady’s Sysco and Pete were already in the pool enjoying!

The food was pulled pork with sides brought by everyone. We brought Blackberry cobbler. I didn’t come home with any leftovers. Kinda cool, kinda sad….

Kimmy had her cousin there and she was trying scuba for the first time.

Mini Lee collapsed on the ground and refused to walk. It was kinda cute! Okay, no it was really cute, especially since it didn’t happen to me.

Peanut was passed around. Momma Bear though knew where she was at all times… lol. I didn’t let her get far out of my sight.

They finally let Leo off his leash. There were a couple times we had to chase him down because he fit through the slats of the fence.

Eventually they saddled up the horses.

Say, mommy made me wear ear protection. I’m still looking for better ear protection for her but this worked fairly well. Although she wasn’t dealing with it so well… but then she went to sleep so she didn’t care.

And a family photo.

Then it was time for the fireworks. She only jumped a couple times…

And that was our 1st 4th of July adventure (outing).

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