Chiefs fans know how to do it right!

Do you ever get worried when you see a scene like this? Don’t worry, Chris got meat for us to do for the Chiefs Bonfire Cookout. I don’t know details but they were getting the meat out of Chris’s truck and moving it to hubby’s truck.

The meat was Ribs and Meatloaf. The guys did injections of flavor into the meat as well as dry rubs. Then they smoked them. The meatloafs were smoked as well and wrapped in bacon, except for one loaf. The one loaf was done in the oven, that way if someone didn’t like smoked something, there were options. One of the meatloafs contained our candied jalapeño’s. It gave a sweet and spicy flavor to it, then add in the smokey flavor and yum! They also did up baked beans. Deb provided the potatoes. Her potatoes are awesome. I’m not sure where the dessert came from but it was Pillsbury brownies and ice cream. Then there was potato salad, chips and dip. It was a feast for a large army. There were only 40 of us there…..


2016 Chiefs Draft Party

Here we are, Finals week. Not only finals for the semester, but this is my last semester of graduate school. But we’ll address that all in another post! Today let’s address the issue that last Thursday night I got to go to my second Kansas City Chiefs Draft Party! What?!?! And this year, the hubs even got to go. btw, I almost dropped my phone getting this picture. See what I do for my bloggy?

And this picture was for Deb. Our evently (word?) foot picture. So DW was laughing because his shoes don’t fit in. I pulled up my pant leg as did hubby and Jared and we were all wearing the same boots. Gotta love it!

KC Wolf came walking up and I just had to have my picture with him. When he went past, the group behind me wanted their picture and then couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t show up. I really wanted to offer some advice but figured I should keep my mouth shut. Hubby accuses me of being a know it all and picture snob sometimes….

A sea of Red!

Doors opened at 6. Now here’s time time I tell you how I called hubby and Jared fat… So they picked me up around 2:30 or 3 that afternoon. When I got in the truck they said, Where are we going to grab a bite to eat. I was like they have food there. they said yes but we didn’t eat lunch. I said I hadn’t either (I typically don’t on Tuesday/Thursday). They said, yeah but this is us you’re talking about. I was like oh, the fat boys in the front seat? And that’s what I haven’t lived down yet.

And what was the first thing we did when we got in the doors? Table, then food.

Btw, I didn’t get carded. Um…. I also didn’t drink but it was cool I didn’t get carded. Does that mean I look old though?

I took one of Tbug’s shirts up with me to get autographed for her. I couldn’t get hubby to stand in line with me so I went through one set of players for her and one set of players for him.

#55 Dee Ford – Linebacker

#99 Rakeem Nunez-Roches – Defensive Lineman

#2 Kelly Goodburn – Punter

#43 Efe Obada – Defensive End

#95 Niko Davis – Defensive End

#11 Tony Adams – Quarterback (’75-’78)

So this is where the shirt change. Story again… I wore my shirt under hubby’s shirt. Last year I was teased that I stripped off and threw my shirt at DW to have him take it through and get signed. He was only 15 and blah blah. I had a shirt underneath. So this year, I decided to wear a shirt underneath in case I needed to take my top one off.

So…….. I also went around and took a poster that I got and had the cheerleaders sign one each for the girls. After I got through this line I put hubby’s shirt back on and the writing was across my chest. The cheerleaders at the cheer table asked if I was having fun and made mention that I got my shirt signed. I was like yeah. They said, this year. Yes, then I said…… Don’t worry I took my shirt off for them to sign. The look on their face was priceless so I said, “OH I must clarify I have a shirt on underneath this. I promise.” and then pulled it out of the neck hole for them to see. Oh dear…

73 Zack Fulerton – Offensive Line

13 De’Anthony Thomas – Wide Receiver (in the stadium when they announce his name it sounds like they’re saying The Anthony Thomas….)

53 Ramik Wilson – Linebacker

59 Shawn Barber – Linebacker

50 Anthony Davis – Linebacker

66 Rickey Siglar – Offensive Lineman

63 Bill Maas – Defensive End

Why did I take a picture of a bag of shoes? Well… Some of the red coaters came and sat at our table. One thought this was a giant Oreo cookie….

And we went all the way up there for #28 in the draw to find out we traded and we got better odds in other draft rounds! Hey it was All worth it!

Then I drove home while everyone snoozed after an hour and a half conversation about cars that I paid no attention too apparently. I don’t remember much of the conversation anyway. I was annoyed at the radio because they were playing really slow, relaxing, mellow music, which isn’t what you drive home to at 11pm at night…. Just saying :). Don’t worry I was wide awake. (oddly enough)

Superbowl 1 Party

Superbowl 1, wait what? Aren’t we working toward Superbowl 50 this year? Why yes, yes we are… but what you might not have known is Superbowl 1 footage was lost and hasn’t been seen since Game day back in 1967, that is until now. And back then it wasn’t called Superbowl anything, it was also the AFL versus the NFL. Ah, so much has changed in the last 50 years of Superbowls.

So the story is, there is only one guy who owns footage of Superbowl 1 and he wants a Million dollars for the footage. That is… he had the only footage until now. They (as in the football tv guys…) pieced together the footage from multiple different shots to pull off Superbowl 1. It was funny however because we had normal current commercials. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see commercials from 1967… just saying.

Anyway we had a Superbowl 1 party complete with food, fun, friends, and baby dolls :).

Food consisted of but not limited to… Chicken wings, Chicken Parmesan Soup, Peppered Turkey Breast, Pigs in a blanket, Peanut Butter individual mini cheesecakes (technical name not known), cheese plates, veggie trays, oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and sooo soooo sooooo much more. If you walked away hungry, it was your own fault.


The Road Food

It is always fun when I’m around new people who don’t know I have a blog or didn’t know I took pictures of food. I always get strange looks. Sometimes I’m not sure what to think of those looks… but it is what it is.

Friday night while we were waiting on the bus to arrive, we decided to eat at the Denny’s at Flying J where we met the bus to load up and head for Houston. Deb knows I take pictures of food, so when I snuck this one in, she just laughed. I asked her if she felt special. She had Chicken Fried Steak and eggs.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted so finally thought, Biscuits and Gravy which came with 2 eggs any way and hashbrowns. It was just meh. Not bad, just not great, just meh.


The 36 Hour Road Trip – Go Chiefs!

Wow, now that was a 36 hour road trip.

Did you hear? The Chiefs made the Playoffs. If you didn’t hear that… THE CHIEFS MADE THE PLAYOFFS! And hubby and I got an opportunity this last weekend to go to the Playoff game in Houston Texas against the Houston Texans.

Everything worked out where we could, so we said, sure, why not! We road on a bus down with the Red Coaters. It was an invitation only bus. A red coater had to invite you onto the bus basically for you to have a seat. We just so happen to know a few of them and were invited. The bus left KC and picked 9 of us up in Joplin on their way through (saved us from having to drive to KC! yey!). They picked us up at 10:30pm Friday night bound for Houston.


Chiefs Bus Maiden Voyage

Sunday the Chiefs Bus made it’s Maiden Voyage to Kansas City for the Kansas City Oakland game. Originally the game was supposed to be a noon game but because of the way the season went, the NFL changed it to a 3pm game. We loaded up on the bus and headed for Kansas City so we could tailgate at 8am. Yup, we’re kinda crazy like that. Our bus holds 15 people and every seat was full.

Gates opened to the stadium at 11, they let us in a bit early like they usually do… we entered at 10:45. This time, we tailgated with food leftover from the New Year’s Day dive, Gumbo and Taco Soup. The gumbo was made from leftover shrimp that was frozen from the lake at the Safari Hunt. Now… If you know me, I’m not huge on fish at all, so the gumbo was a bit fishy tasting to me, but it wasn’t bad. We added Smoked sausage (which was good) and mushrooms. It wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t try the Taco soup because I don’t like anything but green beans when it comes to beans. I know, I might be crazy!


The Chiefs Tailgating Bus

How in the world did we get to the end of December? My husband and I were just discussing how in the heck did we just celebrate Christmas and now we’re looking forward to the New Year… It is like time is totally flying by! And here in Missouri (as well as other parts of the country I hear) we’re having the worst flood we’ve had since 1993. Weather predictions call for another 1-2 inches of rain today. We’ve already had quite a bit. I didn’t/haven’t heard the total amount yet…

But anyway, I just wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to… It all started about 5 months ago. Actually, truth be told it started about 2 years ago. As I’ve mentioned, Dan and Grady are Red Coaters for the Kansas City Chiefs (by the way, did you hear they won against the Cleveland Browns yesterday 17 to 13… which means they’re in the Playoffs! Big year for Kansas City… The Royals and the Chiefs both making the Playoffs in one year!). At some point Dan and Grady started talking about buying a bus to turn into a Chiefs Tailgating bus.

Now jump forward to about 5 months ago. I wasn’t there to totally hear the story so we’ll let the hubs take over the story….

We were giving her [Deb] a hard time about wanting a Chiefs bus (which is a pretty common occurrence). She finally got tired of it and said, I’ll tell you what… You can get a Chiefs bus if…..

And hubby caught it on tape. Blackmail city… So the hunt was on to find a Chiefs bus. They searched Craig’s List and multiple auctions on So jump forward about 4ish to 5 months… and Karen and I were sitting at the dive shop one day chatting when all the sudden we heard the loudest screams you’ve ever heard. We wondered what the heck happened. Turns out, they bought a Chiefs Bus.
Exhibit A


Some days we need our heads examined

Some days I think we need our sanity checked! Yesterday was one of those days! The alarm went off at 4:30am. Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t worry, I didn’t get out of bed until 5. And that was funny in itself because I asked hubs what time it was and he said, “I know you are but you need to get up.” He thought I said I was tired….

Yesterday was a home Chiefs game.

Another fun story, the night before Grady called and asked if we knew anyone that would like to go to a Chiefs game because they had an extra ticket. We called Memaw and asked her if she’d like to go to a Chiefs game. She said, Well I’ve never been to a baseball game so it sounds like fun. We all died laughing and said, well after tomorrow (meaning yesterday) you still won’t have gone to a baseball game. She meant to say football and accidentally said baseball. We teased her all day. Woops!

Anyway, back to yesterday morning… This is what a lot of our drive looked like. And once it started lighting up… it started raining. And boy was it ever so cold!

We rode up with Jared and met up with the other clan at IHOP in Belton, then piled in to their vehicles and headed on to the Chief’s stadium. Jared was picking on SW. Either that, or it was snowing in IHOP

And as we all know I take pictures of food… Jared ordered this… Chicken fried steak, eggs over easy and hashbrowns.


Buzz’s BBQ – Nevada, MO (plus hotel & Chiefs game)

I ate BBQ two days in a row. That never happens! But Saturday night we were headed toward Kansas City for the Chiefs game the next day and decided to stop for dinner in Nevada at Buzz’s BBQ.

There were 9 of us so we had to wait a few minutes to get a table. I took the opportunity to take pictures of some of the decor… and you know, freak out the people I was with. ha! At one point they thought I was taking a picture out the window, instead I took the picture above. haha. What can I say….


Thurday night Chiefs Game vs Denver Broncos

It’s Monday, already? Can I please have a weekend to recover from my weekend, or even just a day. I’m so worn out!

Before I write a post on my weekend though, let’s write up a post that started the tiredness… the CHIEFS 1st Home Game!

Not that I’m complaining, but I’m complaining a little bit, can we please just have games on Sunday’s at noon. That way no late nights. haha… let’s see if they listen to my plea (which I know the answer… I’m okay with them ignoring it).

Normally we wouldn’t attend a night game like this, but this was an exception… 1st Home game of the season + it was against the Denver Broncos. Do you blame us for going?

Normally we have a large tailgating spread, but this time, since it was a Thursday night and the first home game, which also makes the Red Coater’s help Paint the town red, it was a long night so Dan and Grady said they’d take care of it. Dan wanted me to point out that this is how he and Grady cook.