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A book I like

Why oh why did I pull a book off my comps list? Because Jane Austen had a way with words. You could even debate that she was a feminist before feminism was a thing. 1775-1817… And the character of Elizabeth was a very strong willed woman. Yes, she ended up with a man at the end, but she challenged Mr. Darcy at every turn. In fact, he was quite appalled by her at first, yet so intrigued.

Secondly, I have a thing for the British. I love their writing, their words, the look of London in pictures and movies. I really want to visit London someday. It’s on my list.


Someone who Fascinates me and why | Blogging 30


I was sitting here thinking, who fascinates me? Is it sad I chose a character out of a novel?

While debating who really fascinated me, I went and googled the word fascinate. I really just wanted a good definition. I was hoping that a definition would help me decide who truly fascinated me.

Fascinate: draw irresistibly the attention and interest of (someone).

Who draws my attention? Sure, I like people like Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, etc. Wow, I just named all the female Characters from Friends. Sad but true… but do they truly fascinate me? Not really. There are the male characters as well, David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc, and Matthew Perry. I just had to name them all.

There are people who every so often I need to look up information on, or would at least like to look information up on. Oddly enough, I think I’m one of those people who eat up information. It’s kind of an annoying habit really. Just the other day I got teased for being the “internet look up lady.” I think it was meant to be funny, but I am that person. When I want to know something, I look it up. I like to know things. And remember, if it is on the internet it MUST be true. ha!

But who truly fascinates me? That’s when it hit me…..


Favorite book | Blogtober ’14

Is it a cop-out to say I love a series? I’m not sure I have 1 favorite book, I like lots of different books, and sadly Romance novels are sometimes my favorite types… but I love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I’m a little behind on reading them… I’m at book 14. Finding time these days among reading class work is difficult. But I think Hard Eight is so far my favorite book.

Helene in Between

Book Club – Under the Table

So this is going to be my first time signing up for this Book Club Friday thing… so bare with me 🙂  
This week I’m going to share with you: Under the Table: Saucy Tales from Culinary School 

via Wall Street Journal



A deliciously entertaining memoir about one woman’s adventures in the student kitchens of the legendary French Culinary Institute — flavored with celebrity chefs, eccentric characters, and mouthwatering recipes.


Well Read Individual

I love to read.  The imagination of it all is great.  Sadly, sometimes I feel like I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want and still get sleep.  So when I read about bloggers who go through 100 books a year, etc, plus they’re married, have a job, etc etc etc, I just am in shock and awe as to how they do it all!  I struggled it felt like getting through 10 books for this challenge.  Part of my problem is I have quite a few books I’ve started, just not finished.  Apparently patience or ADD or something kicked in and no I don’t have ADD although I sometimes think that everyone has a very mild case because people are so easily distracted.  I dunno…. I’m no expert by any means!  Anyway, Here are the 10 books that I read cover to cover and considered for my 101 list.  One more thing to check off.  yehaw!  They were all good reads and brought different things to the table, although there is a definite pattern between cooking and photography, don’t you think 🙂

Book’s read for the 101 List:

1.  The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl
October 2010 (yes I read it cover to cover)

2.  The Everygirl’s Guide to Life by Maria Menounos
April 2011