The Little’s Tree

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I mentioned in the Chiefs tree post that the little took over the original Chiefs tree. The white tree is like 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 feet tall. I kind of forgot exactly, but Abug wanted her own tree and we had the ability to make that happen. In like September or August maybe even, we were at Hobby Lobby and they had their Christmas ornaments out. With the help of my mom, we got her a bunch of new ornaments for her tree. Now, this is where I note that last year when it had all the Chiefs ornaments, she took it over. And so we were adding to her ornaments not starting from scratch.

The ornaments were focused around things she likes, ballet/dance, tball, unicorns, and mermaids. Oh and ketchup, we can’t forget the ketchup.

I wouldn’t let my mom give her the ornaments until we were ready to put the tree up. I knew if we gave them early, she’d get so excited she’d want the tree up in August or September. While I’m all about putting up the tree early, that might be a wee bit early.


There wasn’t as big of a rush to get her tree up like there was for Tbug. While she has asked me if she has 2 moms and 2 dads as well… awkward to try and explain, she doesn’t and she lives with us full time. She wanted her tree up the weekend the other 2 went up though, NO. MATTER. WHAT. So, to avoid a meltdown (pick your battles) we put her tree up.

Once her tree was up, it was time to start decorating it.


So her tree doesn’t have a tree skirt. Instead, we gave her the Disney Train that we have. This summer we’re going to Disney Land so it was a way to help keep that excitement hyped up, plus she loves Disney. This was originally bought for hubby for our tree but if you put presents under the tree, it’s not so easy to have a train go around it too.

The finished product

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