Easter 2016 Recap

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I have always wanted to be that mom that decorates the house up for every holiday, etc etc. I fall short most days. I’m not sure there is time for that when you’re in grad school! I was lucky to remember that it was Easter weekend. Friday I studied for round 2 of comps and by the end of the day I was totally fried. I face planted on a bench and laid in the sun doing absolutely nothing. Oh wait… that was on Saturday, see I couldn’t even keep my days straight. I swear, Grad school is fun. Someone told me that if you’re working on your PhD and you’re married, you’ll probably be divorced before you graduate. Sadly I think I could see that although I’m not anywhere near being divorced right now. But if a PhD program is worse than a masters (which it has to be) then wow!

Okay I’m done rambling. Easter I took a bit of a break. I got up Sunday morning and we went to Church. It was Easter. It was the day before Comps. It all sounded good!

When we left church, it was time to go to my parents house. Abug had fallen asleep on our way there so I got her in the house and laid down on the couch with her and took a short snooze until I passed her off to hubby. It’s fun to have baby snuggles/snoozes.

We didn’t get breakfast so it was nice to have an appetizer of Artichoke dip. Yum! And homemade garlic toast.

Mom made a ham, corn casserole, potato casserole, Frog eye salad, rolls with strawberry jam and pear honey, and a salad that my grandma brought that I know nothing about.

And I snuck a fast one in on my mom making a Cherry Dump Cake for dessert.

And that was Easter. When you’re studying all around easter there isn’t much to do. I really wanted to do an Easter egg hunt but darn it was cold. #parentfail Like I said I want to be that mom who has her sh*t together… but I am me… a college grad student who is trying to get by. SIGH!

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