365 – August – Photos 335-365

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Well folks, I did it. I completed my 365 project. How on earth I’m not sure… and I swear this year, especially this last month has flown by. There were a few times I wasn’t sure if I would make it… but I pushed through. I can tell you, after that first 30 days then it was just habit. Today will either be my first day not to have to take a picture or else it’ll be the start of my next 365. I haven’t decided although I really think I’ll do another one… I haven’t decided if I start today or if I’ll wait until January 1st. Any ideas/thoughts?

In the next few days or maybe sometime next week I have a post I’ve written with how to successfully complete a 365 or at least tips and tricks that worked for me. But for now, I’ll leave you with my last 31 days.

335/365 – Beautiful Day for the Lake! Let’s go scuba diving!

336/365 – Had a fun day hanging out with these two! And what’s great, they love each other!!

337/365 – Am I losing my mind? Watching Christmas movies (favorite holiday… okay) and thinking about snow. I hate snow and I’m kind of dreaming about snow… someone take my temperature because I must be sick!

338/365 – We voted!

339/365 – All Grins. That’s all that matters! I love her smile, it’s infectious, just like her laugh!

340/365- After trying these on like 50 times I finally decided to get the sunglasses.

341/365 – It was time for vacation! A much needed vacation!

342/365 – Abug had more fun in the lazy river at the hotel than in the ocean. Because of a big storm previous to our arrival the ocean was dirty. Oh well I played in the sand and water every day and Abug loved the pool!

343/365 – Beach Time slumming it! Sitting there waiting on our time to go parasailing!

344/365 – Our chariot awaits us going deep sea fishing. Sadly the fish weren’t biting except trigger fish which we weren’t allowed to keep. We got to keep a few of the fish we caught, some red ruby things and a barracuda.

345/365 – A Bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at home… or something like that, right? Oh beach how I miss you already!

346/365 – Fun project ahead!!

347/365 – Walking on a beautiful evening.

348/365- pinning cities visited

349/365- all that’s left of tonight’s hay excursion. Bring on tomorrow!

350/365 – Driving through a cornfield headed to a hayfield. Our horses better appreciate us this winter

351/365- the kitty has slept on the foot of the bed all day…

352/365 – Today was my first day of classes for the semester. No… no first day of school pic of me. ha! Can I cry now that this semester scares me?

353/365- silly quirk… I hate pens with lids…

354/365- learning a “new” language called Global English… Wish me luck!

355/365 – learning how to color (and hold a crayon) while waiting for dinner.

356/365 – good friends, good food, good times

357/365 – Pete wasn’t crazy about me sitting on the floor to take his picture. Once I told him hush, he’s fine, then all was good

358/365 – With the busy hustle and bustle of every day life, sometimes it’s okay to stop and smell the flowers. And with as beautiful weather we’re having… who doesn’t want to soak it all in?!?!

359/365 – Working on a photo project… and wow, with the shadows, look at my tan 

360/365 – My side kick and me. I just love her. That’s all!

361/365 – She was guarding her truck, it wasn’t going to leave without her. Dad’s truck was hooked up to the hay trailer which was backed into the barn and not moving, but it wasn’t going to move without her knowledge.

362/365 – Having dinner at the Hanger Kafe in honor of my grandpa!!

363/365 – These two (the girls) kind of like each other… and they share a mutual love for riding horses. Win win in my book!

364/365 – Baby snuggles, what’s better than that?!?! Seriously!

365/365 – Let’s end this 365 with a beautiful sunset on the back of a horse. Too bad we didn’t find the bull….


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