365 – August – Photos 336-366 – Take 2

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336/366 – Walks this time of night are gorgeous!

337/366 – Hanging out enjoying the pool and the sun while wearing mommy’s sunglasses.

338/366 – Mark got to lead the 5 Mile Try Scuba tonight while Doug helped with a student.

339/366 – Christmas in August for Karen and me!! Thank you Deb!!!!

340/366 – After hauling 189 square bales of hay in this heat, this is the photo you get. Btw, it’s Beef Nachos in case you wondered.

341/366 – A girl and her horse.

342/366 – Crazy Hoomin (Human)… it’s dinner time. What are you waiting for?

343/366 – Taking a CPROX class. Addison was learning CPR with us. btw, today is 8-8-2016… 8+8=16… cool right?

344/366 – On a hot day, a Frozen Hot Chocolate is what we’re calling for!

345/366 – I went to do chores for my parents and was greeted by all the cows.

346/366 – I finally got one of my birthday presents hung up… hint, it’s the photo frame with a picture of me and my grandparents alongside my grandma’s corn casserole recipe. I LOVE it! Now I just need to get a second frame for the one from my other grandma.

347/366 – Is Fall in the air??

348/366 – Hello Chiefs Stadium. We missed you. Too bad we lost at the end to Seattle. Beat them next time! (Pre-season Score: 17/16)

349/366 – Moving grandma W into her new house

350/366 – After today, I really think fall is coming!

351/366 – When they stop you at the gate for a nibble… The others get mad because it’s taking you so long. #notmyfault lol

352/366 – Thank you Dano for the hat. I love it! Go Chiefs!

353/366 – Tbug’s 1st day of 8th Grade. Holy cow!

354/366 – A Mermet Springs we will go!

355/366 – What, don’t you take selfies underwater too?

356/366 – Off to see Superman in Metropolis!

357/366 – Mooooooooo

358/366 – Shhh I’m hiding. 
Does anyone see Abug?
Then she’d come running out screaming like a banchee. I love that kid!

359/366 – Think he parked close enough?!?!

360/366 – Fair Days Fair Days. Abug got to ride her first fair rides at the Lamar Fair.

361/366 – start her young on loving books!


363/366 – My Dad’s birthday present in August… his birthday isn’t until October. Surprise although he got him on my Grandpa’s birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa in Heaven!!

364/366 – I was sitting in the house and heard what sounded like rain. Looked out the window and sure enough, it was pouring…. Good times, good times!

365/366 – Beautiful rainbow! 🌈

366/366 – The last photo of my second 365 project + 1 day. Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

I made it. Year two of this 365 project complete. I’m going to do another one, because I’m kind of addicted, but I’m not starting it until January 1. Follow along and see what the heck I have planned. Yup, it’s good!


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