Our First Snow Day

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I live in Southwest Missouri. That means that we could go a whole winter without snow or we could get a SW MO style Blizzard and get 18″ of snow dumped on us. And if you don’t like the weather, stick around 30 and it will change.

Last night they were calling for 5-12 inches of snow. That’s a pretty big difference really. So we all laughed and said we’d probably get nothing. Well we woke up to snow this morning. I’m guessing (and by I, I mean hubby) 5-6 inches of snow. Plus it was still snowing this morning.

Baby girl hasn’t seen snow yet so we put her in the snow suit that her auntie gave her and out we went to play for a total of approx 2.3 minutes. We stood, we crawled, we lost a glove, we ate snow, we grasped snow in our bare hand. We screamed and went in doors. And that was our first experience with that white stuff in the yard.

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