Rainy with a Chance of Snow

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Um, really?  Snow in the forecast?  Sure, why not.  With all the crazy weather we’ve experienced this year between our blizzard in February, the EF-5 Tornado that blew threw in May, the drought and triple digit temperatures this summer, let’s just throw snow in November into that mix.  Anyway that’s what weather.com app said on Tuesday evening.

Now I know parts of the country are snowed into their houses.  One of my co-workers lives in New Hampshire and had 2 feet of snow dumped on them to the point they lost power and just got it back yesterday.  Wow, really?  Let’s see, New England has had snow, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and more snow.  What’s up with this weather?

The Old Wives tale my grandma told me was depending on what day of the month (number day) the first snow happens on, that’s how many snows you will have that year, example: the 9th, 9 days of snow, 17th, 17 days of snow, etc.  Now I’m not sure if that works just for Southwest Missouri, or this part of the country or what, she never explained that.

I can just tell you, I’m not ready for snow.

Taken in February

I am however ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas… but that’s another thought for another post 🙂

Happy Thursday 🙂

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  1. OMG! I am SO not ready for snow! In fact, I hate snow! We have snow removal contracts in the winter and it can get stressful during huge snow storms! I would be SO happy to have green christmas!

  2. how much snow is it calling for – a few flakes or a snow storm – thats the important part. I am travelling alone for 2 weeks and this time of year can be iffy around Canada with weather and originally last week there was one or two days that had the terrible S word but then it shifted (to the US apparently) and we have had nice fall temps – yesterday, a nice balmy +15!

  3. Yeah, I drove through a snowstorm in NJ last Saturday to get to a Halloween party. Luckily when I got far enough south it was only rain but areas by us got hit HARD. Esp. Connecticut. I'm glad we were down there too, our neighborhood lost power & had no heat all weekend. We missed it. A lot of my friends north of us are still out of power. Insane.

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