Weekend Traditions: Sausage Tatortot Casserole

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I’m all about traditions, but I also like to make my own such as a photo of hubby & me a month on a scrapbook page or breakfast, mmmmm breakfast! For a couple of months while we were dating we had the same dish every Sunday morning.  Yup, it’s that good.  Now we don’t have it as much as we used to, but this is still one of our favorites. Sunday Morning Breakfast!!

Ingredients: Sausage (you can buy the types that have seasonings in them… they are good as well) Hash browns or tator tots (our favorite are the tator tots) We selected Mushrooms but you don’t have too Cheese. We use Mexican blend or Fiesta Blend or whatever but Cheddar is good too. Salt & Pepper & seasonings… we chose Sage 1/4 cup chopped onion or onion flakes if you realize you don’t have onion… 2-4 tbsp butter And we’re off! Fry up the Sausage with the onion. Sausage is browned add the salt & pepper & sage, now add the butter.

Melt the butter in. This is to help fry up the hash browns or tator tots. We prefer tator tots, you just have to chop them up. They cook up better though than the hash browns in our opinion.  Since we chose tator tots, we have to chop them up while they cook.  This part takes a little bit.

Now put the lid on to help cook up the tator tots. Also you should check seasoning here as well (it’s always fun to sneak tid bits all the way) Add about a quarter package of the cheese and mix in. You can add as much or as little as you prefer… we like cheese 🙂  Stir the cheese in so it gets all melty and cheesey!

Once you have the cheese stirred in, now top the dish with the rest of the cheese in the bag. We like it cheesy. Don’t miss any of it!! every last drop!! Put the lid back on to help melt the cheese on top of the dish. Dish it up… how ever much you’d like.

And now you are ready to EAT!!!! That’s the BEST part! **It always helps if you know that you are going to make this, to defrost the tator tots & the sausage in the fridge the night before… so much of a time saver. One of these days, Prince Charming & I will remember this (since we do it every weekend) but until then… Thank God for Defrost buttons on the Microwave!! Hope you enjoy this as much as we dooooooooo 🙂 Happy Eating!

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  1. 90% of your posts make me hungry.
    The other 10% make me want to move to the country & buy a horse. 🙂

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