Marriage is like your Engagement

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Let me explain that title.

I had someone tell me one time that the way you handled situations during your engagement period, would show what your marriage held in store.  I’ve always thought that was an interesting scenario.  We had a few hiccups in our engagement what with planning the wedding and even just differences in personalities, as all couples face, but for the most part, our engagement went off without a hitch and here we are 2 1/2 years later still married and still very much in love with each other.  (like that run-on sentence?)

So I was talking to a fellow employee who lives out in Sunny CA at work the other day trying to help people at his branch get set up for different systems that our department have in place and we had a side conversation going on about the cost of living between here and there.  I have no idea how that happened, but it really doesn’t matter.

We discussed gas prices (there $4.59/gallon; here 3.58/gallon), electricity bills, how their water bill is more than my car payment, etc.  Then the electric bill got us off onto a house somehow and I named all the things that in the little over 2 years we’ve lived there, we’ve dealt with.

We’ve replaced a pool liner, but just before we did that our well hit bottom and pumped our pool full of mud, just before the 4th of July party.  I was embarrassed but we just shocked the heck out of it and swam in a pool that looked like a muddy pond but smelled like a pool.

Last summer the heater/AC unit went out, so we got the pleasure of replacing that.

In 2 1/2 years we’ve had 2 water pipes break.  The first was the day before Christmas and it flooded our living room and office.  We called both our dads and they came and helped us replace the line and empty the office.  The second was in our dining room the day before Thanksgiving.  We pulled down the wanes coating, the sheet rock and patched it as well.

So we’ve had a few hiccups along the way, a few disagreements, but so far nothing we haven’t been able to handle (knock on wood, don’t want to jinx myself).  So anyway, just something I was pondering and thought I would share.  Happy day friends.

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  1. I agree! Although we didn't have a lot happen during our engagement but we've had our share of hiccups in marriage and handled them pretty well!

  2. I so agree with you and people also need to learn not to sweet the little things……meaning you have to pick your battles when married if you want a long and mostly happy marriage……..I have been married 28yrs and I am still in love with hubby and we rarely argue and or fight because I do not argue over little things my mum taught me that argueing over little things just makes you unhappy and stressed…..

  3. Beautiful wedding pictures – you look just stunning and the hubs is pretty handsome too.

    Dealing with crisis/crazy situations together can make your relationship stronger (pool full of mud! lol) or NOT depending on your determination and commitment to the marriage.

  4. Love that first wedding picture- you look so truly happy. And wow you have had your share of hiccups but you have dealt with them all wonderfully it sounds like.

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