Our Church, Our Decorations

So the night before Wedding day Eve my mom and I had a small run in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother to death but sometimes she and I get in fights/arguments just like everyone else. For the small amount of fights we had through this hole process, I think we probably surprised everyone! So anyway she came home that night and said they were going to put my wedding cake in the middle of one of the rooms at the reception hall. WHAT? The middle of the room… are you flippin out of your mind? This from the lady who when I said we were having PC’s family over for the 4th of July her first comment was the kids would come in the house and clog up our toilets? This from the lady who didn’t want chicken wings at the reception because people would leave their plates with the bones lying around instead of throwing them away? And you want to put my wedding cake in the middle of one of the main rooms everyone will be in? Where they could bump into it, sneeze on it, cough on it, steal a swipe of the icing.. whatever… it’s in the middle of the room……. Oddly enough in the end it worked but…..

So after I dropped the lemonade off at the reception hall PC and i ran to my parents house after a few things. Once we got there we immediately turned around and headed back to town. We were on a time crunch. My mom was getting ready to go finish last minute touches at the church and April was waiting for me at the church to try her dress on. Once we got to the Phelps house I immediately ran out the backdoor, jumped in my car and zoomed off to the church (all 7 blocks… I counted ;)). Well PC was planning on heading over to the church too and when he got there he and I got into a small argument. He was upset with me because I “stormed” out of the house. Later he said he thought my mom and I had gotten into a fight/argument about the cake again. Me, I was just trying to get to the church, try April’s dress on and then head to our house so I could take a shower, change and shave my legs.

On my way back from the church I took a different route and got stopped by the train… so what do you do while waiting for a train? You take pictures of the train passing by 🙂

Once I got back into town I headed to the Phelps House to see if I could be of any service, nope. however miss Tbug gave us her present. She was so excited. It was an old window out of a house that had PC & my name on it and said est 9/4/10. It was adorable!

Then I headed to the church to see if my mom needed any help doing finishing touches. When she said she didn’t I wondered around the church taking different photos and eventually wound up sitting in the front pew just taking in the beauty.

Present Table and the Bird Cage was for Cards
Plus our Greeting cards.

This was where the guest book was set up. We opted to do the photo signature frame as opposed to a traditional guest book.

Here is the church standing at the back doors.

The family pews were marked off with Calla Lilly & Rose flowers along with the bows.
The rest of the pews just had teal, brown and white bows.

PC picked these candelabras.

We did a memorial for my grandparents & PC’s step dad.
Thing about this kneeling bench is it is in honor of my great aunt & uncles daughter who passed away years ago.

This was PC & my unity candle.

And to help Tbug feel a part of our family (unity) as well we did a family unity candle. PC and I were the brown candles and Tbug was the teal candle.

This was the calm before the fury so to speak. Although there never was fury, it got busy after the few minutes of quiet time I had!!!

Peace, Love and me taking my sweet time 😉

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  1. Ooooh the ANTICIPATION!!! I cannot wait for “the big day!” I feel like I'm there living this with you. The church looks great! Now lets see the bride! 🙂

  2. Aw! What nice touches!! The night of my brothers rehersal, decorating night his wife and mother-in-law got in to it, big time!! It was about the seating plan or something but I just remember everyone else slowly packing out of the reception area, while they hashed it out, ha ha! Reading this makes me excited for your wedding all over again!! ha ha

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. I just love reading through all your details. And I love that you had memorium pieces for lost loved ones. A touching detail.

    Have a great weekend girl!

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