Bamboo Gardens

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Well Hello friends!  One place that I swear is a staple is Bamboo Gardens.  It is Chinese.

A couple weekends ago Earl and Pokey asked us to meet them and the kids plus K & A for dinner.  We said sure and this is where we wound up.  I’m not going to lie, that night I was a bit disappointed with the food.  My chicken tasted like it sat around most of the day.  But being a buffet style, anything is possible.

Jump forward to this week when we went there and met Earl and her sister Birdy for lunch, they made a come back and truth be told, I so could have eaten a second plate full, but I didn’t.  I went with the Cashew Chicken and 2 pieces of orange chicken.  That’s generally what I do… I’m kind of predictable sometimes.  I also got an egg roll which was the best I’ve eaten in a while and 2 Crab Rangoon.  Hello yum!  Yup, I so wanted more but when eating this heavy, portion control 🙂

At the end of the meal they always give you fortune cookies.  I believe hubby’s is the top one and mine was the bottom one.

On the back they teach you Chinese & give you lucky numbers.

What do you do with lucky numbers?  Well you obviously try your luck at the lottery.  And no it never works, but sometimes, it’s fun to try!

I think now I’m ready for Cashew Chicken and it’s 6am in the morning… oy 🙂

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