Bruner Pharmacy {Monett, MO}

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Yesterday my daughter and I went with my mom to her hair appointment. While mom was getting her hair cut, we walked around downtown Monett, Missouri. I have to say I’ve never really spent a lot of time there so it was interesting. Right across from where mom was getting her hair cut was Bruner’s Pharmacy. We walked across the street and wandered around.

So first off, they have some really cool things in there. I found a Mickey Mouse Scrapbook and a Mickey Mouse Recipe binder. I’m all about spotting the Mickey/Minnie Mouse stuff these days… but the coolest part of it, they had a real ice cream shop!

After we wandered around the store, we decided to go check out the ice cream. The lady behind the counter asked if I knew about the 25 cent cones. I told her no, I’d never been there before. So they have 25 cent Ice Cream cones, chocolate, vanilla, or twist. How awesome is that!

And of course we got one. I mean come on, it was 90+ degrees yesterday and summer… why not eat ice cream! This is what I would have expected to find at a pharmacy back in like the 50’s. Okay maybe not that long ago, but maybe. I love stuff like this. So I just wanted to make sure everyone knew it was there. Oh and they have other really cool things too, remember, they have Mickey Mouse stuff.

Oh and Kansas City Chiefs Ty Beanie Babies. Just saying. The Chief’s first season home game is this Sunday, 9/11.



*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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