C25K Update

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Week 1 – Gotta start somewhere!

Week 2 – Trying to look tough

Week 3 – Gotta love my tall socks, but I’m still gun shy, my heels hadn’t completely healed yet either.
Week 4 – No one ever said I was a fashion guru…

Week 5 sucked for running.  :(.  We only got 1 run in out of 3.  I’m not giving up though!

Week 6 – That’s what he gets for putting it out there… plus we haven’t seen his butt in a while 😉

Week 7 – Didn’t see nearly as much pavement as it should have, but the shoes did get some lovin’s still, plus new shoe laces in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!

Ok Week 8 went better.  We’re getting back in the swing of it again!

Ok so cold weather and I don’t really jive!  I still think I’d like to see a really good snow just because if nothing else the earth/ground could really use it!  Snow brings great nutrients to the soil!  Ok now is time to get back on the band wagon and run again!  Please keep rooting me on because I need it!

0 thoughts on “C25K Update

  1. That's great that you guys are still doing the coach to 5k! I've always wanted to join in, but a) I don't have a running partner and b) I am incredibly lazy 😀

  2. Yay for you both! Making a routine of running is very hard – at least for me it is lol Don't know about you but I just feel better when I exercise. Something about keeping those joints all lubed up, I don't know and I totally feel it when I get too far off my routine (which i am now, grrrr – that is what new years resolutions are for right!?!).

  3. I think you guys have done awesome. We really don't have enough nice days here to do it outside. There is no way I would end up running in the pouring down rain. I think I am going to try it when we get the treadmill here.

  4. I think it's fantastic that you guys have been so consistant about this. Love the idea of the pink laces too!

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