I Missed My Calling

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I realized this weekend I missed my calling…..

Between going to a store that offers things like this…

Wine bottle openers, Salt & pepper Shakers & Napkin Ring holders…

To a grocery store that greets you this way as you walk in…

Flowers & Pumpkins Oh My!

And like this.  Holy cow…..

More Flowers & a Basil Plant!  I so almost bought the basil plant…

Then Dark Chocolate covered Blueberries & Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups….

Or how about a Pumpkin Chocolate Mousse Cake…

Holy Moly! said in my best Walter Matthau – in Grumpy Old Men!

Or how about a Farmer’s Market that has not only FRESH produce, but fresh seasonings AND an Italian Market right in the store, just to name a few things…

Homemade Cannoli… YUM!  or some pastes in a tube… even some Fresh seasonings!

Yes, this Farmer’s Market does exist, see, we’re there even!

Although I can’t even begin to tell you how COLD it was this weekend!  High of 43!
btw, this summer I thought I was ready for some cold weather, someone please kick my @$$ for that comment!

And then killing time before dinner we found this lovely lovely wine shop.  Look!

Plus they had a fabulous selection of Cheese!
BTW, that is Chocolate Wine for Chocolate Lovers who Love Wine…

And did you know it gets better? 

How about this apron or better yet a Ginger Bread House for Halloween?!?!?!?!
I might just be in love…

Oh and we even walked around a book store looking at Cookbooks.  Yep, I’m that cool!

So what was my calling you ask?

Well, I think I should have been a chef and or a food critic!

Maybe, both.  Combine my love of grocery stores with my love of food with my love of writing.

Hmmm…. Maybe it’s a good thing I picked up running… I might need it.

Did you know One of my absolute favorite things to do is walk around grocery stores.

No, not Wal-mart’s grocery portion, an actual Grocery Store!!!!!!  And what’s great, Mr. Man (don’t ask, I don’t know) as I dubbed him the other day in an email at work, aka hubby or PC, Loves walking around these places with me!

Farmer’s Markets, Grocery Stores, House Utensil & Kitchen Gadget stores….. All of the above or any of the above.

That’s one sad thing about living in Middle of nowhere America, no FABULOUS Grocery Stores!  And our Farmer’s Markets is great, but nothing like this one!

Ok, I’m out… It’s Monday Morning and I’m going back to dreaming about this fabulous weekend I just had! BTW, I’m hungry after this post… just saying…

I have learned early morning runs will do that to you… Beware!

Am I nuts or do you like walking around Really Cool Grocery Stores too?  Please say I’m not alone!

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  1. I'd love to go there! My hubby is not much for browsing fun places like that. Shoot we walk into walmart and he immediately says his feet hurt lol

  2. Do you have an Fairway markets out by you? Those are a lot of fun. We also have a family run store by us called Stew Leonards that is one of the most fun places to shop! They have their own dairy cows & make their own products – it's awesome.

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