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When I was younger I was fairly active in the AQHYA (American Quarter Horse Youth Association) and even more so in the NYCHA (National Youth Cutting Horse Association).

AQHYA holds a world show every year in Oklahoma City (it was in Ft. Worth when I showed).  Youth from all over the US & World compete for the Best in the World.

Tbug has expressed some interest in showing horses so we’ve been working with her.  The cool thing about the Youth World show is each state is allotted so many delegates to represent the state if you don’t Nationally qualify, meaning you can go represent your state as a State Representative.

Every time you show in Quarter Horse shows you are working for/earning points.

So anyway we were going to try and make it so she could go compete in the Youth World this summer, but circumstances have inhibited that from happening this year.

That doesn’t mean we can’t go ahead and get her a membership and get her involved.

Saturday night we handed her her mail and asked her what she received.  Her first question was, “I got mail here?” ha!

So she started reading the letter. {photos & video with my iPhone}

She was so intent on reading this letter that she read it beginning to end.  It was so cute.  Every so often she’d even crack a smile.  When she was done we asked her what she got.  At first she still wasn’t sure but then she figured it out, she is now a Member of the AQHYA.  She was so ecstatic.    She kept thanking her daddy and me.  I’ll bet we got every bit of 50 thank you’s, not exaggerating.

Then she finally looked at us and said, “What does that mean anyway?”

Ha!  Gotta love kids.  Here’s even a short video of her reading.  I know it might be a tad boring, no sound really other than background noise but she’s so dang cute!


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