"Get Up Early"

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If there is one phrase I hate to hear it is, “We have to get up early,” followed by “We have to get up earlier than normal.”  Blah!

I’m not a morning person.  Let me be the first to admit that!

So Friday night the conversation went a little something like this:

PC to Tbug: We’ll have to get up a bit earlier than normal tomorrow morning.
Me to PC: Really?  Did you really have to say that?
Tbug to PC: Why daddy?
PC to Tbug: We’re going to an auction in the morning.
PC to me: Why, you know you won’t sleep in anyway.
Me to PC: Yes, but I like having options.  The option to sleep in gives me a better chance to actually sleep in.
PC to me: Oh whatever, you still know you wouldn’t.
Me, I whined some more.
Tbug to PC: Ok daddy, what time do I have to get up

And so the conversation went.

I haven’t ever been a morning person, Not EVER!

So what time do I normally get up for work you may ask?  The alarm goes off at 6:35 (yes a random time) and I get up somewhere between the second time it goes off and the 4th time it goes off.  It goes off every 9 minutes so you can do the math :).

What time did I have to get up on Saturday?  I think PC set the alarm for around 7am.  What time did I actually get up on Saturday?

Before Sunrise.  To be exact… just shy of 6am is when I got up.  And there was  no going back to sleep either :(.

So what do you do at that hour?  Enjoy the peace.

Enjoy the sunrise:

Play with Audrey:

And watch PC work on the pool:

And eventually after the alarm to wake-up finally goes off, get the rugrat out of bed.

All before my first cup of coffee.  Oh wait I don’t drink coffee.  I knew there was something wrong with this picture.  Wake me up when it’s 10am ok 🙂

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  1. I'm am so not a morning person. It's so bad that my co-workers know to give me at least a half an hour before trying to talk to me.

  2. I am not a morning person either. And I do not get to sleep in anymore. Tomorrow I have to get up early again to try and register my middle(probably be blogging all about it tomorrow) my little middle and then school starts Thursday. Yep. THURSDAY. Isn't that stupid??? Oh well. Coffee is yucky. Drink Diet Coke. 😀

  3. I used to love sleeping-in but now I love waking up before everyone else and having some peace and quiet before the mad rush begins!

    Hope you are enjoying summer…please some warmth my way!

    Best wishes,

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