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Well, Hellllllllooooooo all my fine feathered friends… Lol 🙂

As you can tell, I’ve had posts posting, but I haven’t been by to see you in a short while… Things at work have been extremely CRAZY! and when I come home at night, I’m pooped!

I worked my butt off over the weekend and found out that 5:45am does in fact actually exist.  In fact I even took a photo of it to share with you so you knew I wasn’t crazy!

And in Southern Oklahoma, this is what mornings at 5:45am look like:

I spent both days doing a lot of this:

btw, I hate painting trim, with a passion!

The weather down there every day, 102ish.  My uncle said they’ve been over 100 degrees for at least 27 days now.  The ground down there looks horrid!

That’s the color of ALL the ground down there and many fire warnings are out


Look at crack in the ground, every fence was that way.

My uncle said a lot of the Texas cattle ranchers are having to sell cattle because there is no grass for them.  In fact at the NCHA Futurity held in December, they are worried about having enough cattle for the shows.  It’s a huge concern.  So I say we pray for rain here, let’s pray for rain for the dryer parts of the country, and let the wet parts of the country get a chance to dry up a bit!  (You know, after all the major flooding)

So then to add to all that excitement of the weekend, my sweetheart had an appointment Monday morning and he needed a driver.  I told him no problem and worked it out for a day of vacation.  All was going good until I got called for jury duty on no other than Monday.  I don’t mind reporting for jury duty but seriously, when I have actual plans like driving my husband to an appointment…. .  So my mom agreed to take him for me.  We got home at 10:30 Sunday night (after a long weekend of helping my aunt) and the trial had been cancelled so I was able to take him after all to his appointment.

He had to take some medicine to “numb” him 1 1/2 hrs before, and so sitting in the waiting room,


Oh I had a fun old time laughing my butt off at him.  The medicine made him loopy (hence needing a driver).  Along with watching Maury, Here are some of the cute sayings he was telling me:


Him: Jerry chello
Him: Frrrozen choc hotlet
Him: Shahihihiish
Him to me referring to himself: My bestestestest really good friend and might take offense to that husband guy (I posted a comment on his facebook page)
Him: My attn to detail has spiked
Him: There emergency lights are crooked,
Me: where are the emergency lights,
Him: hidden in the paintings, it’s like where’s Waldo
Him: My feets are asleet
Him: That picture is crooked
Him: I’m gonna be whiney tonight you’ll be tired of me
Him but no idea what he was talking about: Are you bull shipping me?
Him to me while I was looking out a window: Don’t check that old guy out, you’ll make him nervous
Him: You stuck me on the billboard right beneath the bus
Him: Give them a list of all the things wrong so that they can raise the customer level of there comforts
Concerned with lights out and that they weren’t evenly spaced “Aresemetrical”, (yes it’s misspelled b/c that’s what he said) to give the building a better flow
Him: It’d be really cool if they’d let me take my phone and beerphones back there so I could put them in my beers and listen to music
Him: Valuable collectronics
Him: Don’t does that to me
Him: (I put a post it on his shirt) You put a sticker on me, where’d you get a sticker
He eventually moved it to his forehead
Then he started singing about a snake named Roman
Him: Don’t forget to get Jerry’s Chello
Me: Are you going to play it?
Him: yup
This is what he told me they gave him to knock him out: Relapse-a-damn
(Our friend T’s birthday is Saturday, T said he wanted a card so PC was telling me all kinds of cards we could give T) Giving T “card” board with glue and chicken feed for his birthday
Me: Your losing your sticker,
Him: well put it down the front of my pants, it’ll stay there…
Me: Um how about I put it in your pocket,
Him: what if I drop my pocket?
Me: What if you drop your pants,
Him: stranger things have happened


Him to me while I was video’ing some of this: It’s no fair, I’m being taken advantage of and it doesn’t even feel good
In fact, the dental Hygienist came to call another patient in and got tickled at me because I was video’ing him at one point.
So now you are caught up on my life and going on’s… LOL 🙂 I promise I’ll get my google reader cleaned out!  It said this morning I had 336 new messages to read…. That’s ok!  I plan on going home and relaxing tonight!  I should have plenty of time to catch up!

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  1. I've been hoping and praying that lots of people would get rain and cooler temperatures.
    Have a great day!

  2. Too funny! Have you seen the youtube vid of the little boy who had dental work and is loopy from the meds? Sounds like your hubs could star in his own video! lol!!

  3. hahaha that is so funny — Jerry Chello! ha what a hoot!

    Oh BTW I pinned your banana caramel ravioli — I can't WAIT to try it!

  4. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I had to go under. I don't remember anything, but J said I was talking all kinds of crazy!

    When my mom had her's out, I remember her coming out to the truck and asking where all these kids came from! Ha!

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