It's Getting Hot Out Here

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Last summer a glass candle got put out by our pool and by the end of summer it got bumped and busted in our pool.  We got majority of the glass out of the bottom (it’s 12 feet at the deep end) but to be sure that we got all the glass out, we completely drained the pool and shop-vaced it out.  Then we had to re-fill it.  We aren’t done refilling it yet, even but we got a good start this weekend.

But while we were at it… it was hot (we broke record highs over the weekend), the water was inviting… so we played too :).  Earl brought her kids over and we all had a hay day!

Just as Earl and the kid showed up I was standing on the slope, hit a wet slick spot and down I went.  Now we have well water and our pool never gets warm anyway, but filling it with well water, it was chilly!

T is a fish 🙂

Since it slopes down to the deep end, we had the water hose put into the skimmer and the pump sucked it out the jets so it made the slope like a slip’n’slide.


Plus we were careful and made sure we wore our Sunscreen.

Hi Hubby!

We actually had so much fun we joked around about keeping it this way… LOL

I just wanted to be sure you knew I really was there.

Then we broke out some of the fun pool toys.

and PC blew up Tbug’s float for Moo to use.

And finally out came the water guns

When that happened we decided Earl needed a swimsuit.  She teased me about not being able to fill out my top so I told her I’d loan her Tbug’s.  We all got a good laugh at that slam.

That first “in” to the water is cold!

We had a fun couple hours!

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  1. WOW – that sure looks very deep but so refreshing as we are hitting a high of 42 today with the humidity – we have a heat advisory warning and a humidex warning!

  2. I'm so jealous of your pool!!! As I sit here sweating in 102 degree heat! 😉
    Seriously though, looks like fun!

  3. SOmetimes I wish I had a pool. When we hit triple digits it will be one of those times. 🙂 Looks like lots of fun!

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