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If you came here from BlogHop 2010, Welcome! My name is Nicole, I’ll be your host on this journey through… Life :). Or at least my life or experiences or something :), because hey, That’s Life 🙂

I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and reading new blogs. My blog is a bit of lots of things. I grew up on a small farm in Southwest Missouri. Even though I’m a farm girl, I love the city too! My favorite cities are New York City, Chicago and Ft. Worth but I’m always ready to come home to my little hometown. I love to travel and want to visit all 50 states and even a few more countries. So far I’ve only been to Costa Rica!

My blog gets filled with Wedding stuff (planning my September 4th wedding), The story of my fiance and me, Things that happen around the farm, recipes, lots of pictures, and even random things that just come to me :). I hope you come, look around, enjoy yourself, and maybe even stay for a spell.

And for my already followers, I just want to add, I LOVE you guys!

Peace, Love & You Guys

5 thoughts on “Blog Hop 2010

  1. Well, I hopped over from the Blog Hop to say hello. I liked that you made your bucket list because I recently thought to do the same on my blog. I should probably have done it as a page, but I put it on my side bar instead. It will definitely be a lifelong work in progress, but hey, that's what life is all about! Oh and I thought it was funny that one of the suggested blogs that appeared under this post was the one about why the world needs lawyers…and I am in law school! Haha!

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