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This may not interest anyone else but me, but I wanted to keep track. That’s just how it goes :).

In January this year, I wrote 9 blog posts. That is down from previous years, but I still absolutely LOVE this blog. I write blog posts in my head on a daily basis. Usually, it is when I’m driving down the road and can’t actually blog… In college, I used to write great blog posts… in the shower. I decided then I needed to come up with a writing system that withstood water. Btw, being a farmer, I know that one exists. I went to our local farm store and they have a paper/pencil system that allows you to write in rain.

Now the question is, why would you need to write in rain as a farmer? Well, what if you have a baby calf born. What if you gave one a vaccination to help them with something. What if this what if that. It is always best to write yourself notes so you can keep them in case you need the information later. i.e. birthdates. So they have created a paper system farmers can keep on them that won’t disintegrate when wet and will get those notes from the fields to the house. Very cool, right? Why didn’t I think of all of this? Oh, wait, I did.

Anyway…Back to blog posts… Here are the top 5 blog posts as viewed by readers. The Honorable Mentions catch us up to the top 5 2018 posts 🙂

Top 5 Blog posts January 2018

  1. 2017 – Buncha Crunch Oatmeal Cookies
  2. 2017 – Gus’s Mac and Cheeseburger
  3. 2018 – 5 Years
  4. 2018 – Gussied Up
  5. 2012 – Dry Hands

Honorable Mentions

Finally, if you happened to miss a blog post from January, I have you covered!


*Click on picture to be taken to blog post!

1-2-2018 – Tuesday Things

1-16-2018 – Snow Day

1-17-2018 – This Cold Stuff is for the Birds

1-23-2018 – 2018 Will Be the Year of Nicole

1-25-2018 – 5 Years

1-26-2018 – Two Truths

1-27-2018 – It’s Still True

1-29-2018 – Gussied Up

1-30-2018 – When things don’t go right…

One thought on “#BlogJanuary

  1. A paper and pencil that works in rain is a fantastic idea for farmers, fishermen and anyone who might need to do so in the rain.

    An odd bit that you didn’t really need or want to know, military air crews are just the opposite. Everything is on water soluble paper in case they should go down over enemy land.

    Makes it embarrassing when they spill whatever they happen to be drinking on the flight.

    You all have a blessed week. February is almost over!

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