365 – November – Photos 62-91 – Take 2

62/365 – Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! We love you!

63/365 – The other day our neighbors cows thought it would be fun to romp through our field. Turns out it wasn’t the neighbors cows I thought they were because I heard the neighbor on the other side screaming when they were putting the cows back in.

64/365 – I love beautiful sunsets! Probably cause I’m not a morning person so I don’t see sunrises nearly as often


My Social Book – Project 365

Last year I started out on my Project 365 journey. I really felt like I set myself up for failure, but I didn’t fail, I succeeded! Woot Woot. Do people really say Woot Woot…. ha!

Anyway one of my goals was if I completed my Project 365 I either wanted to print all pictures and place in a photo album or I wanted them printed in a book. I didn’t care which but I didn’t want them to go to die on facebook, my blog, and my computer.

When I completed my project, I went on the hunt to print my pictures. I had the hardest time trying to decide which program/company to use. Then I heard about Social Book.

I hooked them up to my Facebook page, to the exact folder I wanted and bam, my book was ordered! I could have chosen a time frame, etc, but I wanted just my Project 365 printed.

I made mention the other day we were fighting with our mail person… Well this kind of started it. My dogs eat packages. I’ve mentioned this as well… ugh!

So when my first book showed up in the mail, it was placed where my dogs could find it and bam, they ate it. Luckily it was insured or something because the wonderful people at Social Book were willing to replace my book and FINALLY it showed up!


365 – September – Photos 1-30 – Take 2

At the end of my last Project 365 I debated if I would do another one or not. Part of me really wanted to and part of me didn’t. I had a few friends encourage me to continue on. So then came the question, do I take a month or 3 months off (3 months = the first of the year… SCARY!). I continued to take a photo every day so if I chose to back date I could.

Then around the middle of the month I decided to just go for it, so here’s round 2 of my Project 365. Wish me luck, especially this fall because… well you know what’s coming up the 29th of this month…. (hint: comps).

1/365 – Addermeister didn’t want me to forget her while I was at school so she gave me the monkey flashlight to take to school with me.

2/365 – Midweek Pancakes. Um… yes please!

3/365 – This little fish LOVES the water. Now this winter she’ll spend time in the hottub and the bathtub so we can keep this love of water up!


Tips & Tricks: Help with a 365 Photo – a – day Project

Let’s do a Project 365. Wait, what is a project 365… So glad you asked! It is a challenge to pick your camera up at least once a day, every day for a year.

What kind of camera do I need? Do you have a dSLR? Super! Do you have an iPhone or Android Camera? Great! A Point and shoot camera? Fabulous! That’s all you need!

A year ago I set out on an adventure to do a 365 Photo a day project. Truthfully I didn’t think I’d make it. In previous years I’ve tried to do a 52 week Photo project and while I accomplished this, it was soooooo hard. Then another year I thought maybe, just maybe I could do a 365 project that focused on me. Well turns out I’m not that self centered, or at least that’s how it felt taking that many pictures of myself! Oy! And I’m guilty of taking a lot of selfies. Sometimes that’s the only way people know I exist because no one really ever takes my photo, but that’s another story/rant for another day.

So back to that 365 photo a day project… last September I decided to start it. Most people choose to start their photo journey on January 1st so that they have 1 year and it’s a calendar year, however I decided to start on September 1 because if I was going to do it, I was ready to commit and I needed to get it started.

That’s all it takes. The commitment.

Let’s start off with the Q&A session:
So what’s the purpose of a 365 Photo a day project?

  • It is a way for you to enhance your photography. You have a starting place and an ending place. Hopefully your ending place is better than where you started. And this is an opinion of yours, not of other people. Keep that in mind!

So what do you take pictures of?

  • Anything you want. You can start out and take a photo a day of the exact same thing, choosing something that you will have on you or have access to for 365 days. In fact on flickr there are groups that focus solely on taking a photo of the same thing, ie dog, sunglasses, sky, yourself, (the sky is the limit…).


365 – August – Photos 335-365

Well folks, I did it. I completed my 365 project. How on earth I’m not sure… and I swear this year, especially this last month has flown by. There were a few times I wasn’t sure if I would make it… but I pushed through. I can tell you, after that first 30 days then it was just habit. Today will either be my first day not to have to take a picture or else it’ll be the start of my next 365. I haven’t decided although I really think I’ll do another one… I haven’t decided if I start today or if I’ll wait until January 1st. Any ideas/thoughts?

In the next few days or maybe sometime next week I have a post I’ve written with how to successfully complete a 365 or at least tips and tricks that worked for me. But for now, I’ll leave you with my last 31 days.

335/365 – Beautiful Day for the Lake! Let’s go scuba diving!

336/365 – Had a fun day hanging out with these two! And what’s great, they love each other!!

337/365 – Am I losing my mind? Watching Christmas movies (favorite holiday… okay) and thinking about snow. I hate snow and I’m kind of dreaming about snow… someone take my temperature because I must be sick!


365 – July – Photos 304-334

304/365 – My fins that we ordered in like January or February finally came in. Now I don’t have to use Tori’s :). haha. Okay so once I get over this dang cold thing, Dano, when we going diving?

305/365 – Check this beauty out. I love this time of year!

306/365 – Foul ball… CL and Abug neither one wanted anything to do with it. Finally Abug claimed it.


365 – June – Photos 274-303

Happy Fourth of July! I figured if I didn’t get these posted now it might be next month… okay maybe not but anyway, happy 4th everyone!!

274/365 – Look what I found today on my way out to saddle up horses… I’ve never found a 4 leaf clover before… Must mean horses are good luck!

275/365 – My partner in crime! Maybe even call her my Mini Me… but she looks nothing like me…