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This last weekend I was in Ft. Worth Texas at our yearly pilgrimage. haha. No, the NCHA Futurity was going on. This is the big time where you go to show 3 year old horses who have never been shown in front of a judge for their debut.

Over in the Trade Show at the Quarter Horse News booth they had a scavenger hunt going on. My dad said I should enter. I went on to Facebook and Instagram to look up the #QHNHunt hastag to see how many people had participated already since it’s been going on since November 15 and there were like 13 responses.

Only 13? That’s madness!

There’s 10 items on this paper. I read the rules and it said that they were going to randomly select people throughout for prizes as well as 2 grand prize winners for completing all 10 items. This was for both the NCHA Futurity and the National Reining Horse World Finals. It was going on from November 15-December 10, 2016. Now maybe, just maybe, I’m the uncool one for participating and if that’s the case, I can deal with that I guess…. but I jumped in and started participating. Although I must admit I felt like an idiot….

Item #1 – An Item bought from the Concession stand (excluding alcohol)
Little miss here really wanted a Dr. Pepper so papa went to get her one and I got my concession stand item photo!

Item #2 – A Horse in the Sale Ring
We went to the horse auction on Saturday morning so perfect time to get a horse in the sale ring. 😀

Item #3 – Getting your boots shined
Well I didn’t take a picture when I got mine shined, but I got one of Abug here who had her first pair of boots shined as well as Tbug (not pictured)

Item #4 – Your favorite item at the Platinum Performance Booth
Ok truth… I have no idea what Platinum Performance even is. I forgot to get this picture, it was my last needed picture and so I had my parents snap a picture while they were still over at the trade show.

Item #5 – A horse wearing a blanket or cooler
Easy Peasy! Just wait till toward the end of a set and you’ll find that easily enough.

Item #6 – Your dream Saddle
If you know me, my dream saddle would be to own another Leddy’s saddle. I love the one we have but it’s dad’s not mine, I just steal it and claim it as mine.

Item #7 – A person wearing a red button-down shirt
Had I started this the day before I did, I could have snapped a picture of my dad… but alas I didn’t so I spent 2 days searching for a red button down shirt only to find this man wearing one at the sale. So hi, you’re now on my Instagram 👋😀

Item #8 – A horse wearing a blue saddle blanket.
You think this would be easy but oh contrary…. And you can’t really tell in this picture, but that was a blue saddle blanket. And this guy went on to make the finals and marked at least a 216.5 or higher. That’s what it took to get into Saturday nights finals. Good Job!

Item #9 – The QHN booth
Bam! Next…. By the way, do you know why Emeril Lagasse says Bam? Well he was filming a show and the audience started to fall asleep so he yelled that to get their attention and wake them up. Now you know the rest of the story.

Item #10 – A selfie with a member of the QHN staff (Please be patient while we are working)
Okay, I felt awkward here! I really did. With all the selfies I take, but…. I think I felt even more so because when I walked up and asked this lady, she almost acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. Maybe it’s because I’m so awkward… I don’t know.

So there we have it, I got all 10. Now I guess I have to wait to see if I’m chose, but I’m not sure how they’ll contact me…. I’ll let you know what happens ✋👍😀👌

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