Cozumel México: Our Last full day of dives {Sunday dives}

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Hey, if you’re getting tired of reading about Cozumel, the end is near…. muahahahahaha. I don’t know, don’t ask……

Sunday morning when we went down to breakfast, for some reason I paid attention to the placemats which I hadn’t the rest of the week really. Then I started giggling. Of course, that makes all of our people question what I’m seeing or what I’m thinking… and that’s when I pointed out….. this phrase on my placemat….

At the shop we have a joke. The joke is instead of saying asshole, you say assolay… So reading the mat, this is what I saw…. Oh dear. Maybe it was… well maybe it was…. maybe there is no explanation.

Anyway after breakfast, same routine, grab our stuff and head for the dock to board the boat for the last time during the trip. It was very surreal! While we were standing at the dock, we noticed all the boats running this way and that. Grady heard that there really weren’t any prize fish caught the day before in the tournament so people were racing about trying to get that prize. I wonder if our friends ever got their boat up and running….

The two dives we made on Sunday were shallower dives. The whole dive, Grady kept telling us, if you drop something overboard, make sure it is in the shallow (30 feet) because it makes it a lot easier to retrieve. So as we were getting our stuff on and ready to go off the boat Sunday morning, Jared was picking on me. He kept stepping on my fins and then he thought he’d be funny and mess with both Karen and me. Then the boat hit a wave. He was sitting on the side of the boat and just about went over backwards. He was lucky. But that wave instead sent Dan’s pony bottle overboard. So Jared and Grady went to the back of the boat quickly and jumped off to do a retrieval dive of Dan’s pony bottle.

Because of that, our first dive, we were let off in a different place than we should have been. We had to weave back and forth between two reefs and we went through a lot of air because we were going against current. For me, the air hog, I was still the first on the boat, but at least I kept up with them in the air consuming category.

Now normally you wouldn’t do this next bit but… So Karen jumps off the boat and her dive computer never synced with her tank. She got Jared and Deb’s attention and they went to help her. She buddy breathed off of Deb’s tank and Jared tried to get her computer to sync up. Normally you would abort a dive for something like this, but Karen and I were consuming about the same amount of air (although I think I still had her beat, but she was a steel tank versus my aluminum tank so who really knows…. someone does, just not me!) so all throughout the dive they kept checking my dive computer to see how much air I had. I didn’t think to much of it because it kind of was like that the whole trip being the air hog I was. So when I started my decent upward, they brought Karen up too. Again, I didn’t think much of it because… So we get to the surface and they’re apologizing for reading my computer so much and explained. On the surface I came up with a little over 700psi. They finally got Karen’s computer to read her tank and she a little over 800psi. See, not bad.

I didn’t have a flash on my camera, so my photos pretty much loose all color and just look blue/purple. But I still think they’re cool looking.

Eagle Ray or is it a Sting Ray? Eagle maybe. Heck I don’t know but do you see him?

This is what the face of my dive computer looks like. Tells how long we’ve been on the surface, the amount of time to Desat, How long until I can safely fly, the date, time, it would tell my air but I wasn’t hooked up to a tank… etc etc.

I had my bangs put up with bobby pins but they fell out so I have….. “cool” hair man.

Once we got back to shore, it was time to kick back and relax. We went and grabbed a bite to eat, washed our stuff out in Jared and Karen’s bath tub with some sink the stink, and spent most of the afternoon by the pool. This shot reminds me of Treasure Island pool in Las Vegas. But the pool was nice and warm versus being cold.

When we went to Hawaii, the drink of choice was Mai Tai. When we went to Cozumel, the drink of choice was a Strawberry Daiquiri. I promise, those weren’t all for hubby….

So we started playing around with my camera. The goal was a shot to split the camera in half, one half above the water, one half below. This was actually the only picture we got to do it. It does show that in the water, things are magnified.

I really wanted to do this on the dive boat with all our fins, but didn’t ask. The reason, 10 of us and only 2 had different fins. The rest of jus had Black Twin Jets.

After a few hours in the pool, we all headed to our rooms for a nap. I set my alarm for sometime (can’t remember) but I remember it going off and hitting snooze a few times. I finally woke up and groggily got out of bed. It was time to meet up in the lobby and head for dinner.

Our rooms had balcony’s and they came in real handy for drying SCUBA gear. Ours is the top, Jared and Karen’s the middle floor. So I noticed when we were in their room that their balcony had curtains that came over (I assume for hurricanes). Jared was like, yeah, yours does too. Whole week there and I didn’t notice it until the last day. Boy I pay attention….

Don’t we look like a lively bunch?

Keens for the win!

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