Graduation parties are what Saturday’s are made for!

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It is that time of year when graduations are going on. I actually had a bunch of friends who were graduating high school this year, one being SW.  Yesterday I attended her graduation party. When I got there I jumped in and helped Deb start with some of the preparation while SW and her mom Michelle worked on decorations. Then once all the inside prep was caught up, I went outside to check out what was going on. They were working on heating up the pool, building a bonfire, and decorating the pool area.

I just sat down and was talking to Karen when Karen said, oh no, there go the balloons. I guess all the balloons escaped. Woops!

There was food galore! Ham and Cheese sliders, BBQ Pork rib sliders, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Chips and guac, a fruit bowl, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and more desserts than you could shake a stick at. I must say, I sampled quite a bit of it…. and it was good. Hey, if there’s one thing I can say, we know how to cook :). Welcome to the Midwest!

Off to the side there was a picture table. There was one picture they wanted to include but no one could find. Apparently when SW was younger, she was standing on the table eating a stick of butter. haha. There was also a place to write your favorite memory of the graduate. Oh goodness… I’ve only been around a couple years but there are so many great memories that choosing was difficult.

And while it wasn’t about Abug, she had a blast with the big girls. They included her and she absolutely loved it. One of SW’s friends was in the house putting on makeup at one point and I guess Abug was in studying her every move. She even might have gotten a little bit placed on her too :). Too Cute! This, right here, is another favorite memory I have of SW. Including my little girl who looks up to her as one of the big girls. Not getting annoyed at her! Thank you SW!

Congratulations on graduating. Now you’re moving on to the next big step. I can’t wait to watch! We’ll all be there cheering you on!

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