More Mexican Food!

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Last month I kind of lost some momentum in blogging and I can’t say that I totally got my mojo back… but at the same time I feel like blogging. I guess blog when you feel it, right? haha. Actually I typed blog post this morning and now I’m typing a second one in the day and I have someone tapping my shoulder to see if they can mess up my typing. I already typed the word diving instead of blogging because, well…. I’m standing in a dive shop. It happens!

Anyway that paragraph has NOTHING to do with what this post is about. of course I’m off to a great start on another paragraph that still has nothing to do with the post. oy! Anyway….

I wanted to blog about another restaurant. I get made fun of sometimes because I take pictures of food and I blog about it even more so… but some day we may be eating blue and green and red pills to get our nutrition and I’d like to remember what real food looks like :).

Anyway…. So last week I had the pleasure of eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Acambaro. Let’s just say YUM!

Funny story about Acambaro, way back when (like 2008 maybe) there used to be one of these restaurants close to where I worked and we’d go there at lunch time. The owner of the restaurant would wait on our table a lot and one day, he handed me a business card with his cell phone number on it. I have to admit, I’ve seen stuff like that happen in novels and movies, etc, but that was the first and only time I’ve ever had that happen in real life. I’m not sure if the same guy owns this one that owned that way… but anyway….

Anyway back to this particular Acambaro. Like most Mexican restaurants you start out with chips and salsa. We also ordered cheese dip.

My one lunch date ordered this… I have no idea what it is but boy doesn’t it look good?

My second lunch date ordered her favorite… a Cheese enchilada with cheese sauce. YUM!

I ordered this… a cheese enchilada with a taco and rice (no beans). Let’s just say yum and now I’m craving Acambaro. Crazy!

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