Christmas 2015

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Here I sit, wondering “Where did Christmas GO!?!?!?” Christmas was good this year but boy it came in like a lion and blew out like a tornado, or something like that. And for the person who last year took over 13,000 photos [but not on Christmas] (I think that’s right… something like that anyway), I barely took any of Christmas. I was in to taking videos this year for some reason… I should have set up the video camera and had my camera camera out. Instead I used my camera camera to record video, that and my phone until I used up all my memory. Don’t get me started on the memory on my phone!

Christmas Eve we went to hubby’s family. Christmas morning we woke up to Santa visiting. We then got dressed and went to my grandma’s house. From there we went to my parents and fixed appetizer dips and dinner while my dad went to get Tbug for us. Then it was time for Christmas at mom and dad’s. Abug went into system overload I think because at one point Tbug and I were helping her open presents, she threw herself on the floor and started screaming. So we sent her around the room opening presents with people, that lasted all of 1-2 presents, then Tbug and I opened her remaining 2-3 presents.

Mom had me make dips for appetizers/lunch. We had Hot Artichoke dip, Mozzarella Cheese Dip, Cowboy Caviar, Cheese Dip, and Hot Pizza Dip. I also made PW’s Fancy Mac & Cheese. Hubby smoked Brisket, Cabbage, and beans. And that was dinner.

Then we loaded up in the car to head to the house and do Christmas with just our little family. Fun story on one of hubby’s presents… He really wanted Pioneer Woman’s Knife set. When I finally decided to get it, no one had a set. I stopped on the Arkansas/MO state line at Jane/Pineville. Then went to Neosho, then Joplin. I should admit that I was headed home from Arkansas the day I did all of this. Karen went on line and found we could have them shipped to me and I’d receive them before Christmas Eve so I said let’s do it. I had cash to buy them so I gave her the cash and let her put it on her card so that if hubby went on our account, he didn’t accidentally see the transaction. I knew if he did, he’d suspect what he was getting. LOL. He doesn’t check up on me and my spending, but I didn’t want him to accidentally stumble across his present either! They were delivered Christmas Eve. Score! Oh, and he loves them! In the mean time, he went on the hunt to find that set for me and couldn’t find it. ha!

Abug was a little more interested in opening presents at our house that night, even though Tbug had to help her and at times we did a couple for her. Oh the joys of being a toddler. If you ask her, sometimes life is rough. LOL.

And that was our Christmas. Now it is all over. We giggle because it was 60˚ on Christmas and yesterday it snowed (December 28th). Close to Christmas, right? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and maybe next time I’ll remember to take time to get pictures. I’m kind of sad about that fact!

And one other fun fact… I got a FitBit for Christmas. It monitors your sleep patterns if you sleep in it. Apparently I’m a restless sleeper most of the night and I’m lucky if I’m laying there for 8-9 hours if I get 4 hours of sleep. No wonder these days I’m so tired :).

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