Baby Number 2

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Goodness I swear, weekends at our house are all or nothing. I walk away from the weekend needing a weekend and the weeks are starting to stress me out as we approach the end of the semester so if I seem a bit scatter brained, please forgive me!

This week was spring break and while spring break is supposed to be relaxing, this was the most stressful one to date. But let’s not focus on that… let’s think about butterflies and kittens, deal?

I mentioned that Thursday night we had our first colt of the season born followed closely by colt number 2 first thing Saturday morning.

Colt number 2 came on his own terms and didn’t need any help so he was ripping and rearing to go when we got to my parents house at 8am. Yup, he looked like he had been on the ground a couple days. Crazy how it works when they don’t stress.

I took baby girl in to see the latest foal, but momma Freckles isn’t as nice as momma Blondie so we kept at a bit of a distance and I was ready to move baby girl quickly if need be.

By the way Blonde Barbie is kind of mad right now since she went out to pasture and gave her stall up to the new baby.

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