It's the Little Things

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I was one very lucky kid growing up. Both of my parents worked but that allowed me to spend a lot of extra time with my grandparents. My one grandma didn’t work outside the home and other than odd and end jobs I can’t really remember my grandpa having a job. They raised Arabian horses and that was predominately what they did.

My other grandparents, my grandpa retired when I was like 2nd grade or something and my grandma retired when I was closer to junior high so I really was lucky in the fact that I got to spend a lot of time with all my grandparents.

The fun thing about my grandparents, both owned horses and both owned cows, but to me one was known more for their cows and the other known more for their horses :).

Anyway driving into my my Grandpa and Grandma J’s place there was a cattle guard and gate you had to go through. Growing up we just lived down the road (next house down) so I used to walk, ride a bike, ride a horse, drive, whatever to their house a lot. And I used to leave the gate open when I was there which would drive my grandpa absolutely nuts.

He has since passed (November 2010) but baby girl goes and stays with my grandma on Monday’s. When I’m just running in and leaving, I am lazy and leave the gate open. A lot of times, like yesterday the wind blows the gate closed but every time I just smile and swear that it is my grandpa playing tricks on me because I left his gate open, AGAIN.

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