SW MO Blogger Meet up – Springfield

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When I started my blog almost five years ago (five years the 19th of this month in fact), I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I’ve mentioned many times before that I started it on a whim. I truly didn’t know what a blog was and didn’t really figure I’d stick with it.

Jump forward a few years and low and behold I wound up on a blogger out of Texas’ blog and she was talking about Texas Women Bloggers website. I wondered what that was so I went and checked it out. That’s when I saw that Missouri was soon to have one, so I may or may not have stalked the Missouri site to see when it went live. Finally it went live!

I was one of the first people to sign up (when my blog was still Life’s a Beach). I was truly excited and couldn’t wait to find bloggers from my state and possibly even my area. Finally we decided to do a Southwest Missouri Blogger Meet-up and it just so happened to be this last Saturday in Springfield. Since I don’t live that far away I knew I really wanted to go so I said I’d attend :).

When I woke up Saturday morning it was a dreary rainy Saturday but I was so excited I couldn’t stand myself. I got in the car, took baby girl to stay with my grandma for a few hours and I headed to Springfield. We were to meet up at The Library Center. I went to college in Springfield but this was a place I was unaware of. Wow I soooo want to go back and check this place out more!

And these guys happened to be there. Every time Darth Vader walked by you could hear him breathing. It was quite strange though to look up and see these guys.

Back to the meet up though, Kate from Honestly Kate was the one who set this meeting up. She was sitting in the room when I got there. I was so nervous and afraid I was in the wrong spot but she assured me I was in the correct place. She was also excited that someone showed up. Hey, we’re all in the same shoes when it comes to nervousness I guess :). Emileigh from Flashback Summer was the next to show up. Finally Katy from Katy Brandes Writes.

The first 15 minutes Mistie from My Heart’s in Dixie called in. She is one of the leaders of the Missouri Women Bloggers. She called in to meet us via video chat then give us some good news and finally she had to run and left us to converse.

What was great is we may have never met in person and possibly just checked out each other’s blogs prior to the meet up but we talked and talked for 2 1/2 hours. It was a lot of fun. Oh and we may or may not have had a stealthy camera person (that would be me….).

Finally it was time that we needed to go our separate ways but we definitely want to get back together again for another meet up. Hopefully we can get more bloggers from the SW MO area to meet up with us too.

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