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A few years ago when I started learning what blogs were, I found myself grossly engaged in reading them. I don’t use grossly in a bad sense, just pointing out that I got really involved in reading them. I also need to point out that I read a lot of blogs and I’d love to share them with you. In fact, I have before, not all but a lot of them.

I hate picking a few out and saying I read these more than those because there are a lot of blogs I like for a lot of different reasons. But today I think I’ll share five of the big blogs I read that I really like with you. These are big blogs in the fact that they definitely don’t know my blog exists and only one of them will converse with me, which really is pretty darn cool!

So the First one would be by Amanda Radke who actually converses with me a lot via facebook. How cool is that? Amanda writes Beef Daily. She has my dream job which is to write a blog for an Agriculture publication. She writes for Beef Magazine. When I initially went to school, it was to be an Agriculture Journalist. I then heard that if I went the Agriculture Education route, that I would get a lot more opportunities so I switched my major but made sure to take the Agriculture Journalism classes that SMS offered. Amanda touches on issues that are facing Farmers and Ranchers as well as the Beef Industry today.

While we’re on the thought process of Agriculture blogs, My next favorite is:

The Pioneer Woman. I really have no clue how I stumbled across her blog but I have been reading it for years. Truthfully how can you not love Ree Drummond? I know there are haters out there, but sadly with anything in life there are haters. She has a great blog that has a wealth of knowledge but she also gets out there and has a blog that promotes Agriculture and teaches people about the ways of the Agriculture life. I’d soooo love to have a blog like hers. Ah, to aspire to :).

From there, let’s look at this blog:

Kevin & Amanda. I stumbled across this blog back in 2011 when I participated in the Extreme Mac & Cheese link-up. You were to get a recipe of Mac & Cheese from a blog and make it, then link up.  When I googled Mac & Cheese Recipes I came up with Amanda’s blog and that was the Mac & Cheese I used. Since then I have become obsessed with her blog. Now she has my dream job too! Her blog sends her all around the country and the world taking pictures and traveling. How cool would that be? I really want her job.

From there let’s look at:

Elsie & Emma at A Beautiful Mess. I wish I knew how I stumbled across their blog but I didn’t. However I’m soooo glad I did! They have an awesome blog and that fabulous photography that they take. The give great tips! And the cool thing I found out about a year ago is they are located in Springfield, MO, the town I went to college in. How crazy is that? A local blogger (basically) and they are famous. Nope, I’ve never met them or seen them but hey, we’re like friends, right. Same towns… ha!

And last but not least:

Fat Mum Slim. I actually found Chantelle’s blog via Instagram. She does a daily photo challenge every month. She posts the prompt, then you take the photo and post it on Instagram. I only actually went through the challenge and didn’t forget one time. That’s sad really but I try! Anyway then I stumbled across her blog and she has some great posts and tips on blogging and photos, etc. It’s fun to read her blog. She also lives in the land down under, how cool is that? Yup, that’d be awesome. I’d sooo go down there to meet her, if someone would pay for my trip! 🙂

So there you have it. 5 of the big blogs I read. I wish these people would know who I was and give tips and help my blog skyrocket but I doubt I’m that good sadly. I guess I shouldn’t doubt myself, but I’ll always strive for better :).

So are there any blogs you’d recommend I read? Why??

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