Most Embarrassing Moment | Blogtober ’14

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Sometimes I live my life as an embarrassing moment :). I swear I’ve done more stupid things it feels like… So the most recent one that I keep getting harassed about is I was at our local dive shop recently (well a year ago now probably) and the last lady left. It was an abrupt leaving with no warning or anything that she was quitting. She also took a lot of things with her, one being a fish bowl that they used to take collections up in for dive club meetings. So the following Friday I made the comment to Earl that since the other lady whoever she was took that, I volunteered her last night to make a new one. Sadly though… this lady’s husband still works out of the other business in there and well… I don’t know who he is and I said it in front of him. Dang it!

Open Mouth, insert foot!

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