The Saturday Post {64}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. The Peanut Post – Month 2

2. Why I Don’t Push Carts

3. Happy Halloween Y’all

4. 1 Month Photos

5. Fair Days Fair Days Dear old Golden Fair Days

This Weeks Posts
Fair Days Fair Days Dear old Golden Fair Days
1 Month Photos
The Peanut Post – Month 2
Why I Don’t Push Carts
10 Things to Smile About August

Blast from the Past
2013 – A Hermann We Will Go
2012 – Oh So Simple
PMM – I Want To Drive – Ironic this post happened… especialy after telling you about Tbug and the Vdub
2011 – Wedding ABC’s
2010 – Lead Line – OMG the Leadline post happened in the same post here 🙂

Recipes made from the Blog This Week

Instagram Lately
Still don’t know what it was for… we’ll see next Wednesday…

Week’s Happenings
++Is it sad to say I don’t remember….
++I had a paper due on Wednesday by 2pm. I turned it in at 1:01pm. I got a notification that it was graded and when I saw my grade it was a 0. The only way you get a 0 is if you plagiarize or if you don’t do the work. I didn’t plagiarize and I turned it in so I emailed the professor. He said he didn’t see it when he went to grade it but then he did and so I got 100/100. whew! Glad I asked! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do it again!
++Baby girl loves her sleep sacks (I dunno what else to call them). I finally found more this week :). Yey! Now she has 6.
++Late last week my birthday present finally came in. I’m excited!
++Next week is my wedding anniversary.
++Happy Labor Day Weekend. Be safe!
++Peace out!

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