Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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This year I decided to make Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls instead of our traditional cookies for our friends and families.  Hello yum is all I can say.  I made 2 different rounds of Cinnamon Rolls.

Sadly this is the only photo I took of our tree with presents under it.  Oy!  I was in the process of wrapping presents this day and one of my friends emailed a photo of her tree so this is the photo I sent her back of our tree.

In case you ever wondered…. I love this!!

Hubby and I did a special present for Dan, Carlene, Deb & Grady this year.  Here is Dan & Carlene’s waiting to be opened.

And here is Grady taking advantage of his and Deb’s.  I made a special point that after they were finished I washed them to get the extra threads off plus I added Downey Unstopables so that they would smell really good.  Pete walked up with his nose to the blanket and wouldn’t move.  (Pete is the dog in case you didn’t know).  I think Pete approved of the smell :).  It was especially cool this year because Grady got his Red Coat.

Dan said that he saw this and thought immediately of Deb, Brian (another photo enthusiast that we dive with) and me.  How cool is it?  A travel coffee mug in the shape of a camera lens.  Total love!  Dan said that Leo (another pooch in our friend clan) jumped up and hit his iPad and brought the photo up so Leo actually picked this out for us :).

AC wound up with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year but we didn’t get Tbug until Christmas Day at noon.  Christmas Eve, AC, UB, Grandma, my parents, Memaw, hubby and I met at my parents and had dinner.  Hubby and I were in charge of the meal.  We had Grilled Ribeyes (which Peanut decided I didn’t need to eat), rolls, bacon wrapped/cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, my grandma S’s corn casserole, grilled squash, onions and mushrooms for the top of the steaks, garlic butter for the steaks (and rolls) and Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake for dessert.

Christmas morning we got up and headed to grandma’s.  When we got there I walked into the kitchen to give grandma a Merry Christmas and hug/kiss and she kissed my cheek.  If you look just to the left of my lips I got lipsticked. ha!  While we were eating breakfast my dad asked if I didn’t know how to put lipstick on.  Breakfast consisted of Cinnamon rolls made by AR, grandma made a breakfast casserole, OJ, coffee and grapefruit.

Then we went into the living room and started opening presents.  While I was passing them out they put Jakie’s hat on.  I’m pretty sure that Jake loved that hat because he pranced around in it.

Peanut even got Christmas presents.

UJ likes to play games on me.  This year it was inside a baby food jar.  Apparently you can seal a baby food jar back up after you open it.  I guess the night that he and Grandma worked on this, grandma left a door open and some reason UJ came into the kitchen and grandma said he about gave himself a concussion when he walked into that cabinet door.  Woops!

Grandpa used to always give us these buckles.  I have them dating back to like 1989 or something like that.  So when grandpa passed away grandma decided to keep that tradition going.  I swear it’s just like a present from my grandpa and made me smile.

Jakers is smart but I was ready to sit in front of the fire place.  Finally he got up and I was able to sit in front of the fire.

At noon we went and picked Tbug up and then headed to my parents house.  AC & UB showed up around 1:15 or so and we were watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation so we finished that and then went to opening presents.  Hubby and I really wanted to open our family presents at home but most of mine were at mom’s so we just opened everything there.  Mom made dips for the lunch meal since we were all full anyway.

We rounded out Christmas at Sunday Night dinner with a gift exchange.  It was a white elephant exchange and the present I got was the only one that switched hands 3 times (which meant I got to keep it!).  Pokey decided to try out the headband from my gift.

And that, Boys and girls, was Christmas in a nutshell :).

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