And to all a Good Night

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So I’m a little sad today because Christmas is over.  I LOVE the sight of the pretty Christmas tree and the pretty presents that lie underneath the tree just brighten the room!  Granted I could leave my tree up for a while, nothing says I need to take it down, however it just isn’t the same.  I love the thought of giving gifts and seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they receive what I’ve gotten for them.

Christmas Eve we spent with my mom helping her prepare appetizers/meals for mom’s side of the family Christmas while my dad drove Tbug around to deliver Christmas cookies.  We had Hot Artichoke Dip (which in her handwriting we all swore said Not Artichoke dip), Cheese Dip, Chili Verde Soup, Mexican Lasagna, my grandma’s Corn Casserole and a bunch of other goodies!

Tbug and I played Santa passing the presents out.  And every year is just the same, I get yelled at for not opening my presents because I’m busy passing out other people’s presents.  Oh well :).  I enjoy seeing their faces!

Then we went to the 11pm service at the Church.  It was extra special because Tbug got to go with us.  As we were leaving the church, the bells on the Courthouse were announcing that it was midnight which meant that it was Christmas!  We were quickly running to the car (a cold front is moving through but no snow) yelling Merry Christmas!

When we got home Tbug ran to get in bed hoping that Santa wouldn’t pass by the house if she was still awake while hubby and I quickly set up our coffee to brew before we went and crashed ourselves.

I’m happy to announce Santa came and delivered!!

We got up early Christmas morning to do our little family Christmas before heading to my dad’s side of the family Christmas.

I wanted hubby to open his present at 1am the night before (you know, before we went to bed) but I had to wait, so I made him open his big present first thing when we got up.

I had him a pair of custom made show chaps, made by Len Hicks.  They are beautiful.  He tried them on and they fit great!

Tbug patiently waited and then it was Santa present time! 

After Santa presents were opened, then it was time to open the rest.  I’m sure glad I didn’t need my rice bag these last few weeks because hubby wrapped it up with one of my presents to throw me off weight wise while I was wrapping it.  When I saw that, I must admit I was confused :).  The present was underneath.

My big present was a new camera that combined our point and shoot and my water camera so I can carry them with me at all times.  My big dSLR doesn’t fit in my purse remember :).

And Tbug got new boots, but chose to wear her boot stocking on her hand :).

Hey look, I got socks!

Tbug patiently waited while her daddy and I unwrapped ours after she was finished showing off hers…

But we saved her bit present for last.  She had to wait for both of us to finish before we let her see the “big” present.  I think it made her speechless.  She saw the photo on the front of the box, looked up and said, is it? Is that what? Is that what I think it is?  Why yes sweetheart, a tv.

Then we all took showers, got dressed, started putting things away and Tbug used her new Karaoke machine.  Then we headed to grandma’s for breakfast.


Foxy Roxy!

After we ate breakfast, we all went in to open presents, then grandma decided to start lunch (dinner).  Tbug jumped up and volunteered to go help her get lunch ready.

While they were busy preparing lunch, the rest of us took naps, or played computer games.  It was the simulation of a remote control airplane & helicopter.  I suck, what can I say!

Lunch was ready.  Turkey, stuffing, strawberry jam, gravy, rolls, carrots & broccoli, mashed potatoes and not pictured – turnips.

Then we had to scurry off and get Tbug back to her mom to celebrate with them.  And that boys and girls is all she wrote.

Merry Christmas!  And Happy Boxing day to all my Canadian Friends!

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12 thoughts on “And to all a Good Night

  1. This just looks like so much fun! Lots of family and food! 🙂 I miss how our tree looks before Christmas, it's still pretty, but like you said it just isn't the same!

  2. Sounds like you all had an amazing Christmas. I'm so glad you all got so much time with T-bug! I know that made it EXTRA special.

    I think it's so neat that they ring in Christmas at church! How fun and such a great way to bring in the holiday.

  3. Wow a TV- spoiled! :). Looks like such a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This post made me hungry! Perfect present for your husband

  4. Awww, so awesome that Tbug was with you on Christmas morning! I love all the memories you made with family…and all the yummy food! Merry Christmas a day late! 🙂

  5. You could always leave it up and use it for Valentine's day gifts, birthday gifts, and to start Christmas shopping for next year. ;o)

    Joking, but I know what you mean.

    Glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas!

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