Ah! The College Years

I remember the first time I signed up to take classes back in Fall of 2001.  Boy that seems like forever and ages ago, but I still remember paying out the ying-yang for books.  I think in high school we’re so used to just “borrowing” from the school and returning that you never really realize how expensive books are until you go to college.

Too bad back in the day we didn’t have places like Campus Book Rentals to step in and aid in the cost of expensive university books!

Now my major in college was Agriculture Education and so when they contacted me and said to find a book in my major I was quite a bit skeptical, but you’d be surprised on how many books they have related to Agriculture!  Woohooo!  In fact, there were 10 or so pages worth of books.  Wow, I was just blown away!  That right there tells you right there they have a nice selection.

Look, Ag Econ – Rental – $45.40.  The Ag Econ book I bought, I had to buy brand spankin’ new and it was close to $200 10 years ago.  Can you just imagine what it would cost now?

And then, what you either have to try and sell the books back to the school but they could just up and decide not to use that book next semester so you’re stuck with something taking up room in your bookshelf.  Trust me, I have bunches of those now days :(.

So if you’re in school, I’d definitely give this a check out!


Lauren’s Guest Post

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to grow up.  Why?  Because I could decorate my own house.  I remember looking at all those magazines – Southern Living, Women’s Day, etc – and they had all those BEAUTIFUL houses decorated for the holidays like so:

And I had wonderful ideas that I would be able to do these crafts.

My stockings would be placed on the mantel and would either be rustic chic or very cowboy country.


Minerva Candy Co. – Webb City, MO

So back on October 26th, one of my co-workers/friend sent some other friends and me an email about his brother’s latest investment and his brother’s photo in the news article.  The article was talking about Minerva Candy Company in Webb City along with the Bearded Lady Roasters, a two-man coffee company that is located inside of Minerva Candy Company.

Well J recently got a new job (still in our company but different department/group) so a bunch of us decided to take him to lunch.  The other J suggested Minerva Candy Co. so Friday for lunch we all loaded up and that’s where we headed.

Their menu was unique because it opened top to bottom as opposed to side to side.


On The Border – Oklahoma City, OK

One of these days I’ll quit talking about Oklahoma City and the AQHA World Show but today isn’t one of those days.  Getting close though, I promise!

After the Amateur Go-rounds we decided we were hungry.  It was about 1:30 or so, so we figured we’d have by passed the lunch crowd, but when we got there, we were on a small waiting list.  About 20 minutes later it was finally time to sit and eat.

Like most Mexican restaurants, they started us off with chips and salsa while we looked at our menu.

When asked if we’d like to start with an appetizer, we chose the Queso.  Hello yummy Cheese dip.


Cattleman’s Steakhouse Cafe – Oklahoma City, OK

I really think I almost need a label that is like television or something :).  You’ll see why in a bit…

Anyway Sunday before we headed out of town we finally made it to Stockyard City.  Pretty cool place from what I can tell, now I just really need to get back there and check it all out.  Seriously, of all the times I’ve been to Oklahoma City, it pretty much is passing through or going to the fairgrounds.  I’d like to see what more the city has to offer.

Anyway I was kind of feeling steak and so was everyone else so we headed off to Cattleman’s Steakhouse Cafe.  For the 2 o’clock hour on a Sunday afternoon there was a wait and the place was packed.  I guess that shows what kind of a reputation they have.

Please enter, won’t you?  I so want door handles like these!


Thanksgiving – The Stuffing {Last Years}

So when I was a little kid, my Grandma S (mom’s side of the family) always did Thanksgiving, that is until she and grandpa “retired” and moved to the city.  {They made their living with a Stud (horse) operation.}  When that happened my aunt and mom split up Thanksgiving & Christmas hosting.

As I stated the other day, there was a falling out with my family over some very stupid issues, but none the less we weren’t allowed to my aunt’s house for any holiday.  End of story.  And again, that didn’t stop us from celebrating plus I got the chance to make my Turkey!

Well what’s Thanksgiving dinner with out stuffing?!?!

My Grandma passed away in 2007 and unfortunately, her recipes she used for Thanksgiving dinner were “misplaced,” until this last Spring when I think I found them in her notebook, but that was after Thanksgiving 2011.

Hubby and I talked about it and neither of us really knew what we wanted to make stuffing wise.  I couldn’t find Grandma S’s recipe, I never thought to ask Grandma J for hers, Hubby didn’t have one that was important to his family so we were at a loss.  Then we thought, well heck, if we’re making PW’s turkey, why not make her stuffing from the throw down as well!  So that’s just what we did.  And we really like it… just sayin :)!


Guest Post – Kenzie

A Guest Post I wrote for Life & Lemons Make Lemonade blog
So lovely readers of Life & Lemons make Lemonade, how many of you know me? {crickets}  Really?  Sad… I think.

But it’s your lucky day because Kenzie asked me to introduce myself and my blog to you.  And I thought fabulous… then I got the worst case of writers block imaginable.

I kind of wanted to set myself apart from the other This is me, This is my blog posts and…. Nothing.  There’s the obvious, my names Nicole, I blog at Life’s a Beach.

I have a husband, a {step}daughter, 3 dogs and some horses.. but how fun is that?

So first off, let me start by saying I love Kenzie and I’m so glad she found my blog… not sure how but I won’t question it.  I’m just glad she did.  We’re friends now, even if she doesn’t claim me :).

Then Writer Block hit again.  Which you would think for as much as I like to talk, I wouldn’t get that… so I sat here and hummed and heed and yawned and drew and thought and slept and ok I really didn’t do all of that but I thought and thought and thought…  And this is what you get…

The Five Reasons Not to check out my blog.

Wait… did she really just type that?
Sure did…

1.  I’m married and crazy about my husband.  Our life isn’t always perfect but it’s A-Ok for us and I’m not afraid to share the weird every day adventures we’ve had.

2.  My dogs are weird.  I’m not afraid to share that either; like the night I was woke up at 4am with them running across the roof of my house.  The next morning I’m sure the neighbors thought I was crazy when I was chasing them while throwing shoes in a dress while trying to leave for work… btw, shingles and bare feet are NOT a good combination!


Thanksgiving – The Turkey {Last Year}

Do you watch Food Network?  I sure do!  I got started watching it when I was in college.  No, I wasn’t privileged to have it while I actually went to school, I was actually home on Christmas break.  I was at my parents house bored off my butt and somehow stumbled across Rachael Ray making Mexican Lasagna.

I have been an on again off again want to be chef/cook.  My Grandma J started on my cousin & me when we were younger to try and develop a love for cooking.  I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it.  I love to eat but at times I’m way to impatient to actually cook.  Around the time I went to college I was starting to develop a love for it again.  Then I ran across Rachael Ray.  Her method made cooking seem so easy!  Now she lives in New York and even though she says you can get everything in her recipes at the local grocery store, she hasn’t lived in SW MO obviously, but she helped fuel my passion for cooking.

So move forward a bit.  On my mom’s side of the family, starting about high school when my grandparents moved from the country to the city, my aunt who lives in Southern OK started hosting Thanksgiving and my mom started hosting Christmas dinners.

Since my passion for cooking really started to thrive, I have wanted to make a Turkey.  We don’t eat Turkey’s for Christmas dinner, so I never got my chance to make one until last year.  My parents and my family decided we were going to have Thanksgiving here and I jumped at the chance to host it!

I got to make a turkey!  My mom thought I was nuts for wanting to and being excited but I didn’t care.

In 2010, Pioneer Woman had a throw down with Bobby Flay.  I saw her turkey recipe and knew that if I ever made a turkey, by golly I was using hers!

Thanksgiving 2011, my dream came true!  I got to make a turkey and I used PW’s recipe!

The turkey was brining away


Diners – Iggy’s Diner – Carthage, MO

On Saturday’s at noon when you really don’t feel like cooking or standing in the kitchen for that matter, I’ve decided this is one great place in Carthage, where you can get in and get out fairly fast, but it isn’t Fast Food!

You know, there are those times when Fast Food really doesn’t do it for ya… See I told you I found the great place to go.  And they’ve recently remodeled.  I need to go in since they’ve done that however I keep catching them when they’re closed.

Oh wait, you ask where this place is?  I haven’t said yet… well it’s none other than Iggy’s Diner.

**this isn’t my picture… I keep forgetting to get a photo of the building so I got it here.**

They are a fabulous diner that has great cheeseburger type food, but they also have options like Spaghetti and Chicken fried steak.