Ah! The College Years

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I remember the first time I signed up to take classes back in Fall of 2001.  Boy that seems like forever and ages ago, but I still remember paying out the ying-yang for books.  I think in high school we’re so used to just “borrowing” from the school and returning that you never really realize how expensive books are until you go to college.

Too bad back in the day we didn’t have places like Campus Book Rentals to step in and aid in the cost of expensive university books!

Now my major in college was Agriculture Education and so when they contacted me and said to find a book in my major I was quite a bit skeptical, but you’d be surprised on how many books they have related to Agriculture!  Woohooo!  In fact, there were 10 or so pages worth of books.  Wow, I was just blown away!  That right there tells you right there they have a nice selection.

Look, Ag Econ – Rental – $45.40.  The Ag Econ book I bought, I had to buy brand spankin’ new and it was close to $200 10 years ago.  Can you just imagine what it would cost now?

And then, what you either have to try and sell the books back to the school but they could just up and decide not to use that book next semester so you’re stuck with something taking up room in your bookshelf.  Trust me, I have bunches of those now days :(.

So if you’re in school, I’d definitely give this a check out!

Plus, they’re involved in Operation Smile – They are an awesome organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it.

How much better can you get than that?  With the end of the semester well under way and looking forward to next semester, you’ll definitely want to give them a check out!

And one quick video to help liven up this Tuesday after Thanksgiving:


**I was contacted by Campus Rentals, however all opinions are all my own**

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