Dressing for the Job You Want…

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Have you ever met a person who was EXTREMELY book smart but sometimes lacked in common sense?

This is who I think of, and yes I love Sheldon Cooper 🙂

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve had 2 friends that way.  Sometimes their quirks are down right hilarious!  Sometimes they just floor me even.

And maybe that has nothing to do with the blog title post or what I’m thinking, but I couldn’t help but kind of go there too…..

So I was watching a recorded episode of Rachael Ray (yes I know a bunch of you don’t like her…. but hear me out) the other morning while I was getting dressed for work and she has a team she’s put together for this season.  It consists of Jo Frost of Super Nanny (b/c she doesn’t have kids), The Cake Boss (b/c she doesn’t bake), and then there is Zanna Roberts Rassi who is a fashion expert.

The episode I was watching the other day featured Zanna and they were doing a make-over on interns and one of the comments made was, “Don’t dress for the Job you have, dress for the Job you Want.”


 Now I’m smart enough to know where they’re coming from… and to an extent I agree with that statement… but let’s use my company for example, we have an in-house mail room.  They sort incoming & outgoing mail, deliver it to the different departments, do the Fedex/UPS thing, and make the run into town to pick up and drop off mail.

Now what if they really wanted to be in Accounting, a salesman, or better yet, the CEO of the company.

Our company has a business/business casual dress code.  It has gotten more lax in the 5 years I’ve worked here but depending on the department, you still have to wear a suit for some jobs.  Now accounting, they get by with the business to business casual side of dress.  The salesmen don’t even get to participate in Jeans Friday and the CEO, I usually see him in a suit every day.

Does that seem feasible for the mail room gals to wear heels and a dress to deliver mail?


 How about the suit?  And if that is the job they want, well cool, but one of the gals wanted something more, but truthfully how do you dress for the job you want in that case?  Something I wondered :).

So then a co-worker and I were discussing this and of course we got carried away…  What if you work in a law office but your dream job is to be a Rodeo Clown… should you dress for the job?


I guess that’s where the whole common sense part falls into my train of thought.  Yeah I got there 🙂

Welcome to the inner workings of my brain… next up, one may never know… LOL 🙂

Happy Thursday!

0 thoughts on “Dressing for the Job You Want…

  1. I am SO thankful that I have a uniform! I wake up at 5 and Im sitting at my desk at 5:30! I don't even have to think about what I'm going to wear I just have to make sure it's clean, lol!

  2. It makes sense. I couldn't see some girls wearing heels all day. I work from home so I go in sweat pants and a sweatshirt everyday. When I get an office job, the hardest part is going to be getting up and getting myself dressed.

    By the way, I love your new blog look!

  3. I'm loving your new blog look! Haha, who doesn't love Sheldon?? If someone really did dress like a rodeo clown, that would be an interesting thing to see! I see your point though!

  4. Guess you just have to use like you said ,common sense . If you are looking to move up, maybe don't dress for the job you actually want ,but upgrade what you wear in a work appropriate way . not high heels , but a slight heel. a skirt or nice dress slacks. MAke sure it all fits well adn looks nice etc

  5. Tomorrow's my last day here, but I get what you're saying because it's very casual around here. If I walked in wearing a suit or something people would be like “Ummm, you have an interview today?”

  6. I'm sitting at my desk wearing, jeans, a tank top and Romeo's. I love it. I work in the engineering department of a manufacturing company so anything goes as long as your feet are covered and you don't have a bare mid-driff. By the way I love your blog header!

  7. I don't want Big Bang Theory much, but enough to know that I love Sheldon sooo much. And I love the way your mind works! hahahahaha. What if I to be the Walmart Greeter! What then? Do I wear a blue vest and yellow smiley button? YOu are funny! 😛

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