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Last Friday my hubby and I ran to the Farmer’s Market on our lunch hour.  It wasn’t really an intentional thing, but we wound up there.  A few weeks ago we went looking for Marlee’s Creamery, a local dairy farmer who raises Jersey cattle.

They weren’t there that day, but we lucked out because this particular Friday, they were!!  Well of course we bought some “Raw Milk”.  What is Raw Milk you ask?  Raw Milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

Oddly enough, just like never having farm fresh eggs, I’ve never had farm fresh milk either.  My grandparents got out of the milk business back around the time my dad was still in high school.  They went to beef cattle then, but my dad always said there wasn’t anything better than milk straight from the cooler (you know after it came from the cow).

I guess I should mention I did try “raw” milk one time… so I can’t say I’ve never had it, but it was while in Costa Rica, I had just milked the cow and they didn’t chill it.  I about threw up.  But that may be TMI….

Circa 2002

Anyway, When we bought the milk they gave us a cute flier.  I thought I would share some of the facts that were included about “Raw Milk”.

Did you know…

~Fresh raw milk, from cows eating well-manured green grass is a living unprocessed whole food.
~ The butterfat of whole raw milk has a cortisone-like factor that helps prevent stiffness in the joints
~ Raw milk contains beneficial Flora as well as lactic acids that allow this beneficial flora to implant in the intestines (
~ Retail raw milk is even safe for babies!  When buying from Marlee’s Creamery, you can be sure that the cows are on pasture and the barn is kept clean.  The milk goes directly from the milking machine into a stainless steel tank and is kept chilled.  Raw milk is a healthy and safe food for all members of the family.
~ Supporting the local farmer supports your local community.  For every $1 earned on the farm = $5-7 for the local community.  Raw milk sales (and other local produce sales) hold the potential for a HUGE rural revival.
~In studies involving humans, raw milk was shown to be superior to pasteurized in protecting against infection, diarrhea, rickets, tooth decay and TB; and children receiving raw milk had better growth than those receiving pasteurized milk. (
~Three studies in Europe found that drinking “farm” (raw)milk protected against asthma and allergies.  (Lancet. 2001 Oc6;358(9288):1129-33; JAllergy Clin Immunol. 2006 June;117(6):1374-8; Clinical & Experimental Allergy. 2007 May: 35(5) 627-630).
~MODERN ADVANTAGES: Compared to 50-70 years ago, Marlee’s Creamery today can take advantage of many advancements that contribute to a dramatically safer product including pasture grazing, effective cleaning systems, refrigeration and sophisticated milk and herd testing techiniques.
~Some of the nutrients found in Raw Milk include: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12 and B-6, Calcium, Vitamin A, Folate and essential fatty acids.

I can tell you both the hubs and Tbug liked it, I’m not a white milk fan but I may just have to try it….  Also the hubs supervisor said that it tastes extremely good in homemade ice cream.  You can bet come the 4th of July Party this year, we’ll be making a trip either to the Farmer’s Market or to the farm.

I love buying fresh produce!  Farmers and the farming industry are becoming smaller and smaller these days.  It is really sad.  I like to help out our local farmers anyway I can.  If you ever get a chance to drink “raw” milk, go for it!  Farmer’s are what supply all your food and keep our economy running. 

8 thoughts on “Marlee's Creamery – Raw Milk

  1. Wow! I wish we could buy raw milk in Canada!! Living in a small rural community it would really benefit the town!! It's illegal to sell saw milk to a consumer in Canada! I have fresh eggs here from my brother, fresh meat, but not raw milk!?? It SUCKS!

  2. Interesting! I've never had raw milk before either. I'm actually not much of a white milk fan myself. But kind of neat to read all the benefits of raw milk!

  3. I love raw milk!! And fresh eggs the yolk is bright yellow and they make the best noodles!! The shells are tougher.

    I'll have to try to make the Webb City Farmer's Market. It's much bigger than the one in Miami. I don't think Senecca has one anymore… at least I haven't seen it.

  4. Yumm!!!! I sooo wish I could get that here ! I was raised on a dairy and I miss fresh milk soo much.Cannot tolerate the cartoned stuff.

  5. My dad used to go to his friend's farm every Sunday night when we went to my grandpa and grandma's house and get a gallon or 2 of raw milk. And the cream separates!! I think I turned out OK!!

  6. Ooh man….I don't think I could ever try raw milk. I'm feeling a little weak just thinking about it…haha!
    But! I have always wanted to go to a farmer's market!

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