Sometimes I get so excited I forget titles :)

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So can you believe that it is 9 days until Christmas?  This is my absolute favorite time of year and it is going by all to fast!  I haven’t gotten my fill of Christmas movies AND Christmas songs!  I may just have to DVR them and continue watching them through July.  Hey my birthday is in July, so it’s like Christmas in July, except we aren’t celebrating our Savior’s birthday, but instead we’re celebrating mine, but hey I get presents… Ok never mind…

I’m really not that conceited!

Goof… yes

Giggly… yes

Conceited, Nope!

Anyway moving on.  We’ve had our Christmas tree up since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving… Don’t hate!!!  We celebrated Thanksgiving for the reason, but it wasn’t at our house so it’s all good :).  Anyway we wanted to decorate our tree with the daughter, so we had to work out a time when she was with us!  So there =P….

But I love our tree.  It’s so us!  I started collecting ornaments when I was younger, although none of them are the Hallmark keepsake ornaments.  And I must also admit to a love hate relationship with live trees.  We’ve had our fair share of live and artificial.    And for some reason, the live ones don’t always stand up as Ashley over at Ashley’s Antics so clearly states!  With that being said, I’ve lost some of my most favorite ornaments to tree crashes, so PC and I have an artificial tree.  That’s not to say we won’t have a real one some day, BUT right now, we are good with the artificial 6′ tall tree that we currently have.

Here is the finished product.

I thought I might give you a breakdown on some of your ornaments, but by far not all of them!

This is our “this year” tree ornament.  There is one for me, PC & Tbug.

This is our First Married Year ornament.  It is actually a bell and the ringer is two joined rings.

This is Miss Sassy’s ornament

This was given to me from a dear lady I’m in PEO with.

We actually have 2 ornaments with our last name initial.

This has survived MANY tree falls b/c it is metal.  It is an anniversary ornament from the AJQHA which has now changed it’s name to AQHYA (American Quarter Horse Youth Assn).  It is dated 1994.

And of course Santa with a sheeper.

2005 NCHA Futurity ornament.  I have a few more of these from different years.  When we were down there during Thanksgiving we tried to find a 2010 but they didn’t get any made :(.

Ok so the tractor color is right wrong, but we like the ornament none-the-less.

Ah… that’s much better!  Santa got the memo!

Oddly enough, this one has survived many tree falls too, and it’s glass…

These don’t look like reindeer! 🙂

This lady is actually on an Oliver, but hey the color is right!!

PC’s ornament I bought him last year.

Sorry this is blurry… just another cute sheeper

This was the 2009 NCHA Futurity ornament.  I’d have sworn I had a 2008 but can’t find it so maybe I didn’t….

The Hub’s school ornament.  Now I just need one…

And Miss Audrey’s ornament although not the same color patterns….
I have always loved this ornament.  I actually think it came off a package once….

Hope you’ve enjoyed our Christmas tree.  I finally got our Christmas cards addressed last night and mailed today!  Woohoooo!  Just remain panicy calm that Christmas is 9 days away.  There’s not enough plenty of time to get all those presents that you haven’t bought picked out so perfectly for everyone wrapped.

Woohooo, Merry Christmas 🙂


0 thoughts on “Sometimes I get so excited I forget titles :)

  1. Love your ornaments! All are very “you” 🙂 And I hear you on the panic…I have nothing wrapped, tons still to bake, a few more stocking stuffers to pick up, and lots of movies and shows to watch…hopefully time slows down the next 9 days and we can get it all done!!!

  2. I don't know why people would get upset over something like that. People put trees up whenever they want to. 🙂
    Many places leave lights up all year round.

    My birthday is in July, too. 😉

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  3. Your tree looks awesome and you have so many adorable ornaments! Love the sleigh with the cow and sheep instead of reindeer. LOL!

  4. Those kinds of ornaments are what Christmas is all about. I don't really like the Hallmark-style collector ornaments or trees that a color coordinated and shmancy. My favorite ornaments are the ones we bought when we went somewhere special or the ones my daughter made us in school. I love that your ornaments are so YOU. Merry Christmas.

  5. Wow……….9 days………I totally did not realize that. It's truly come and gone so quickly! Your tree is lovely, although I do have to tell you that “real tractors” are red………..muwaaahhahhahaaa! I actually have a JD lawn mower, but I love my Massy's and Farmall's……..

  6. Love the tree, like mine all the ornaments are different and special.I see you are John Deere fans, remind me to take pics of my dad's John Deere dishes for you

  7. 9 DAYS! Aack! I'll never be ready in time. I wish I was as organized as you. Thanks for sharing all your special ornaments with us. Cute idea.

  8. I collect Christmas movies and watch them all yr long so I dont see a problem with that!

    Very nice tree. I have to say, I am a real tree type of gal. Thats all I've ever had and the hubby grew up with fake trees, never having a real one. I made it clear when we got married that we would never ever have a fake tree and if he didnt like that he better run, LOL. We've also never had a problem with a tree falling over because we always secure the tree to a hook in the wall or ceiling. With kids and animals I knew better than to take a chance!

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