Let me tell you…

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… Just how awesome of a company I work for!!

So we are mainly the components people.  We make parts that we sell to other sectors and they make the finished product.  Very seldom do we actually put out the finished product, but in some cases we do.  We manufacture parts that are found in most homes, offices, and automobiles, just as an example.  From the beginnings in 1883 where the first coil spring bed was manufactured, the company has grown to 19,000 employee-partners in 140 manufacturing facilities located in 18 countries.

But I think this goes above and beyond all of that….

We had at least 35 families in our company who lost everything and unfortunately we lost 1 employee-partner and his wife.  But our branches located all over the country as well as some of our customers (you know who buy the parts we make so they can make the finished product) have contacted our corporate office here and said,

“We want to help, this is what we can offer.  We’re waiting to see what you need.”

Seriously, how freakin AWESOME is that?  You want beds, we make beds, and at that, they are building beds for the families that lost everything.  One of my husbands friends lost his cell phone, our company bought him a new one since they had absolutely no way to contact friends and family (and their families live in Kansas).  One branch is sending a pallet load of plastic tubs, because boxed ones will draw moisture and mold what these people have been able to save with what’s left.  People in the company are pulling strings to get these people in houses.

It’s just this type of thing that makes my heart SING SONGS OF JOY!

On top of that our company along with at least 3 other companies that I’ve heard of (it may be more now) are donating $1 Million just to help Joplin recover.  One of the banks is donating $10,000.  The Carthage Senior class of 2011 donated $10,000.  A Joplin family has said they will match dollar for dollar to one organization up to $65,000.  I heard of another family up more in the St. Louis area doing the same.  Look at all this support!

I just had to brag just a bit… sorry 🙂

And remember, when all else fails, Pray!

And I ask for special prayers for my {step}daughter… Her mom and her husband (Tbug’s {step}dad) lost his brother in Sunday’s tornado.  Today is the funeral.  Please send extra prayers up for them in their time of hurting right now.

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  1. wow — reading this gave me chills. how amazing of your company!

    I pray for Joplin often — this is so devastating but it is amazing seeing people step up to help take care of one another.

  2. I simply cannot fathom the destruction that has happened in your area, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    I live in Upstate Ny and we actually had a tornado “watch” yesterday. That never happens here, something is terribly wrong!

  3. I have been praying for the poor people of Joplin too. This is truly devastating and I hope that the community will recover swiftly.

    Take care.

    Best wishes,

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